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GPP: Longer or Shorter Sessions?

Is it better to do several 15 minute GPP sessions, or fewer, longer sessions? I’m a powerlifter using circuit training for GPP.

I’ll hang up an listen.

If the goal is to simply improve/compliment your powerlifting, shorter sessions seem more appropriate.

Shorter seems to work better for me for everything. Range varies between 4-15 minutes, mix it up and being really, really fucking intense.

What are you including in your circuits?

What are you including in your circuits?[/quote]

I do GPP in the morning. I do the same body parts as the night before, but do body-weight and foo-foo movements. I also throw in exercises I don’t do for powerlifting.

Last night was my upper back night. So this morning, I did pullups, “reverse pushups” (lying flat and pulling myself up) and curls. I also did DB side bends and reverse hypers.

Tonight was ME Bench night. Tomorrow I intend to do pushups and ladder presses. Throw in some chinups and calf work.

After my squat/DL night, Bulgarian split squats (as recommended on this board) and Farmer Walks right now. I plan to rotate into lunges and DB snatches. I do quite a bit of ab work here, as well.