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GPP For Upcoming Martial Arts Grading

I’m to do 2.5km within 15mins for my upcoming grading. Apparently, that works out to about 10km/hr. A Do-able task for most, but then, I’m not like most!!!
I’ve never been a runner, but great at swimming.
It’s my lungs though. I survived a big bout of pnuemonia in 2001 and now have a 20cent piece size scarring in my left lung near the diaphragm.
When I run, I always get a side stitch - last night’s was close to unbearable and I can still feel it a little bit today. The other thing is that I get a bit wheezey. I’ve been checked for asthma and I have a great lung capacity for scarred lungs.

So far I’ve been told

  • Don’t eat anything for at least a couple of hours before running
  • Don’t drink anything for about an hour before running
  • Take 1 deep breath in and out for about 8 steps
  • Stretch if you feel a stitch coming on - that one’s from the internet. Something to do with the Diaphragm spasming due to insufficient oxygen intake
  • Thoroughly warm-up your muscles before running so that the oxygen is optimumly flowing through your body
  • Push your run through the stitch
  • run a couple hundred metres, walk for about 50m…repeat process till finished
  • do 50m sprints->walk->sprint->walk…
  • take longer strides instead of increasing leg movement/speed
  • if running with someone, preferably someone of similar height - whoops, there was one problem…I was running with a 6ft-er! But it’s still happening.

Any ideas as to improving my running breathing pattern or how/why I get a stitch and how to stop them??? Thanks

Not sure about the stich explanation. my undersranding is that there is no explanation, and the diaphragm, lack of O2 is an idea, but not a proven one.

wrt the other bits, try Ki breathing when on rest periods.

I recall reading that side stitches stem from a trigger point in the diaphram muscle. Scar tissue from your illness could have caused scar tissue to form. There’s a book called The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies that might help. It’s probably the best $20 I’ve ever spent, as it’s helped with host of injuries I’ve had.

I’m sorry I thought this was a thread about GPP for martial arts. BUT concerning running and breathing (and preventing a pain)- would the same kind of painful result occur if you did sprints instead of the long distance running? I mean a 10 minute/mile pace isn’t too bad, but I’ve always felt that martial arts wasn’t about how easy a pace you went, but how you could utilize your conserved energy for force-bouts or recover faster from flurries. I guess what I am trying to say is your energy system doesn’t seem to match with most martial arts hard-style and soft-style.