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GPP for Obsessive Compulsives

My twist on today’s cool tips…
I walk into the gym and see a sight that is both irritating and inviting.

Oh yes, I am one of those sad people who look at the plates lying around and sees an opportunity.
First there is the adrenaline rush of righteous anger at the complete bastards who are ungrateful, dirty slobs who leave everything lying around.
Then once I have spend 5 minutes clearing the loaded, shitty barbell (old, no knurling left) away and loading up the good (clean, nice sharp knurling) bar, I am ready to workout.
In between sets I use the time to do a bit of GPP (i.e. tidying up the shit left all over the place and putting things in the correct place - 5 pounds go above 10 pounds in the rack, etc dammit!).

At the end of the day, my GPP is done and the place looks a bit cleaner :o) safe in the knowledge that by the time I come back the next day, everything will be a mess again!

Note: if you think about hovering/mopping up, that’s going way too far, dude :o( rubber gloves and dusters are not for T-men.

Sorry, but that’s the most retarded tip of the day I have ever seen


It may be retarded, but it’s the only damn way I can get to use the equipment. People always leave their bars and plates laying on and around the power rack, squat cage and benches. If I want to work out, I gotta clean up first.