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GPP for Coach Davies or Kelly Baggett

Can anyone give me a good GPP rouitne for the lower body using a medicine ball. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.


Yeah I think I can help you out a bit but need some more info. Are you interested in a routine to improve explosiveness or to improve conditioning and endurance?

I am looking for a routine for overall conditioning and endurance. Thanks for responding.

It really depends on goals and where it is within your program. You could easily put together a general med ball program of 5 throws each with rotational hip work, scoop throws (forward and backward) and jump squats (a few variations). Within each of these three sections, you could choose 2 or 3 movements of 5 throws each (therefore 60-90 throws per circuit). However you really need to give more details on how this it fit into your training program. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach Davies,

I am incorporating this into my weighted GPP section. I am always trying to increse my work capacity. I have recently incorporated sled pulling into my workouts, but I feel a few ideas with the medicine ball will help because of its versatility. Please explain your example in greater detail. I think I have a general picture.

Keeping the faith,


  • so are you doing weighted GPP & non-weighted GPP? If so you will want to use your med ball work slightly different. In faith, Coach Davies

Where’s a good place to buy med balls cheap that can take the impact of underhand throws landing on grass? I know Elt. Fitness sells them but $100 is a lot to shell out for a 30 lb. ball. Also, what weights are good to start out for throws? Is there anyway to construct these some old school way for cheaper? Thanks.

There is no such thing as “lower body medicine ball training.” Medicine ball training works the entire body. Underhand backward and forward tosses, overhead tosses, chest passes, are good. If you want to get plyometric, jump off a box before releasing the ball…

Coach Davies,

Lately, I have been doing weighted GPP in the form of sled dragging, which has worked wonders for my hamstring and tendon strength. I am doing a lot of traveling this summer and the medicine ball is the easiest to carry with me so I don’t lose momentum. If you could help with a routine that would further my lower body conditioning and endurance, I would greatly appreciate it.