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GPP: Carrying the Girlfiend..


Anyone else try to give their girlfriends piggy-back, shoulder rides as often as possible for extra GPP? Mine works great, she's about 130lbs, with terrible balance, so it can really hit my obliques hard on our dog walks. (pretty funny looking with her up on my shoulders and her holding the leash. Confused the shit out of our dog the first couple of times.)


You are talking about fireman squat and fireman walk, aren't you?

I did that in my martial art class from time to time, and I think it is part of the drill for fireman and special ops.

Geek boy


How long does this GPP last? I give my girlfriend piggy-back rides...to the bedroom. Not sure she'd want to for as long as it takes to get a good GPP workout.


I try to carry her for a couple blocks, her legs get sore and I have to put her down after about five-ten minutes.


My gf weighs 100 lbs so I do gf tosses for GPP. A bit harder than a keg toss.

No but seriously, I will admit to carrying her around town, up flights of stairs, down flights of stairs.