GPP/Cardio Thread.

Thought it might be fun and interesting to post and find out what kind of cardio or GPP programs others might be using in their training.

To start this thread off I do the following GPP workout once a week usually on Wed.

A1 100ft(appr. 30m) floor grabs
4 sets 1min rest

B1 Jump rope 1min.
B2 10 Dumbell or barbell snatches
B3 Jump rope 1min.
B4 10 Dumbell squat thrust/high pulls
(2-25lb db’s)
B5 Jump rope 1min.
B6 10 BEARS (50lb barbell)

Rest 2min repeat once (B1-B6).

Also any thoughts on cycling GPP?

GPP/Cardio is “instintive” for me, so if I’m in the middle of typing up a report, and feel the need to get off my ass, I typically make a trip to the local pool (or lake in the summer) and go out for a quick, hard swim or just shadow box. I also do frequent Tabata protocol session (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for about 4-6 minutes) after every lifting workout to boot.

What is Tabata?

Izumi Tabata (I think that’s his full name) is an exercise scientist (I forgot his standing) from Japan who “invented” (read: researched and confirmed) a form of HIIT that lasts four minutes with 20 seconds of all out effort and 10 seconds of active recovery. It’ll make you pant fairly hard on the stationary bike or swimming, but you might want to add extra “20 seconds on, 10 seconds off” periods to machines like ellipiticals or rowers.

Interesting, I’ll check him out.

I’ve been doind a made up H.O.C. type cardio on my lunch hour at work. I do two minutes on the eliptical followed by 10 barbell snatches. Then two minutes on the eliptical followed by 10 bodyweight squat jumps onto a bench. Then 2 minutes on the eliptical followed by 10 explosive pushups coming off the ground every time. I repeat that circuit for about 20 minutes. It’s pretty fun and wicked at the same time. Gets the ole ticker going pretty hard, that’s for sure!