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GPP/Body Weight Exercises


What's up T-Nation?! I've been reading articles/posts on T-Nation since January 05. I've been lifting on/off for about 2 years now. I do a little boxing here and there and recently I strained the muscles that connect the ribs to the sternum. The muscles started to spasm so I took some time off to recuperate (about 2 months). I'm feeling a lot better and I'm ready to start lifting again. I was thinking of doing a GPP/body weight workout for about a month before I start lifting. Do you think this is a wise choice or should I jump into a weight lifting program right off the bat? I know GPP ASAP and The MacGyver Workout are good- do any of have suggestions on BW programs? Thanks.


You could try the 'naked warrior' program, it basically involves doing 1 arm push ups and 1 leg squats everyday 'grease the groove' style.


Look up Mike Mahler, an article...six months without weights. He outlines a progam he did, and it is all good bodyweight stuff. He's the man to turn to with bodyweight exercises.


I've posted a couple of times here recently about a knee injury I'm dealing with.

A point of interest to this thread is that I got that injury from trying the GPP ASAP exercises.

I might very well be an isolated case and I dont blame the gpp asap article, but just thought I'd throw this out there.


My favorite source of ideas for bodyweight exercises is "Fitness and Strength Training for All Sports: Theory, Methods, Programs", by Hartmann and Tunnemann. There are a few programs listed also I believe. It's a little more detailed than your average bodybuilding book, though. You should be able to come up with an awesome program without the help of a book, however.