GPP and Sprints ???

Hello T-Nation,
I have been on T-nation for quite some time now and have never made a post until now. I’m starting the Strength Focused Mesocycle and will be lifting Mon, Weds, Fri and plan on doing GPP Tues, Thurs and possibly some on weekend. I need a little insight,
I’m planning on doing sprints 3x20,30,40meters and then drag a sled for a total of 8 minutes (2min each, forward, back, laterally)followed by tire throws like discuss a couple lengths of the field and possibly some med ball throws. Now this sounds like this might be to much volume and I could use some suggestions, these are all things I want to work on with my main focus being on increase speed and strength for hockey and Bball. If anyone has any suggestions or advice I would greatly appreciate it.

I also do tire throws-- try also throwing it backwards for height and backwards for distance.

Another good one is heft the tire up to your upper chest/shoulders (so you’re looking through the hole), then sprint with it and throw at max speed.

Good luck.

RIT Jared

boss-How about incorporating some of your GPP, like sprints with tire/med ball throws?

For example, you could start out by taking your tire to a local football field and stand at one of the goal posts.Now throw the tire as far as possible, sprint to it, pick it up and repeat for the entire length of the field (100 meters).You could do the same thing with a medicine ball.Do a forward chest pass with or without a forward step followed by a sprint to the ball.Or, you could do a backwards toss or overhand toss instead of the forward passes.

After you finish with the sprints/throws, do your sled work.