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GPP And Mod-Westside

Been Using playing around with With Coach Defrancos Westside for skinny bastards, and so far so good. Jut wanted to post my weekly cycle and see if anyone had any opinions, or sugestions. thanks

Mon: Upper body ME

Tues: Extra workout: Lats, Tri, and Delt (I follow the westside extra workout protocol; + my bench sucks so i need the work)

Wed: GPP: Renagade Rope Workout

Thursday: Upper Rep workout + 20min of low intensitiy cycling

Friday: Sprint work (thinking of trying TC’s 50 yard dash into leg development)

Sat: ME lower


thanks K

You might consider including the lat/tri/delt work in the Mon. & Thur. workouts, after the main, multi-joint exercise of the day. This gives you upper-body assistance work on two days of each week and gets you out of the gym on Tues. (Gyms are great places to workout, but they aren’t great places to live. Spend the extra time with your significant other, and let her give you some extra motivation for your workouts…)
If you are sprinting because you wanna get seriously FAST, you can do it more than once per week, after any or (almost) all of the workouts. You can even do it on lower-body ME day, AFTER the weight training. You can do some of it, instead of that low-intensity cardio session. However, I wouldn’t do it on Fri, the day before the lower-body ME workout. Personally, I don’t want to start a max-effort squat, deadlift or good morning session, with my legs already partly fatigued. Good luck!
Strength & courage,
“Coach Joe”

Thanks A bunch Coach Joe, have any good sprinting programs? I have been searching around and am kind of at a loss. My goals basically are to improve my short burst power. I am a martial artist/fighter, and I feel that a good sprinting program would help me along.


are your running so much becuase of athletics??..if not i think you will do ebtter with various strongman stuff on your gpp days…bm

BM; basically ya, I am running, or I should say, looking into sprinting for athletic purposes. I am trying to increase my endurance. Edurance in this case meaning my ablility to repetedly exert myself explosivly.

Thank K

With my fighters I do the rope training before each workout as part of the general worm-up.

Read all the articles about GPP on T-mag and Coach Davies site to design a real GPP program. I use GPP circuits after every workout to improve recover and to enhance sport specific skills. Here is an example of a non-weighted GPP program from one of my clients who happens to be a World champion in BJJ:
A1) Jumping Jacks: 5x30 seconds
A2) Umpa drill: 5x30 seconds
A3) Stair climbers: 5x30 seconds
A4) Shuffle splits: 5x30 seconds
Total of 10 minutes of constant non stop work, now that’s GPP.

TC’s sprinting program could be beneficial but you need to train the dominant energy system for your sport and/or Martial Art, I can’t help you on energy system work with out knowing your specific art and the sport you are participating in is it MMA, Judo, Sambo ext,.ext. Hope that helps

what are shuffle splits?

split shuffles are described in this coach Davies article http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/166rene.html

I would be interested to hear what energy system work you would use for some one participating in BJJ

The energy system work of course is dependent on round lengths, rest periods, and combat strategy.

With regards to GPP for MA, of for that matter any athlete of any sport, pay particular attention that the GPP component of your work satisfy’s the overall intent.

One concern I have with many individuals new-found use of GPP is that it is simply a cardio session but with little carryover to overall development. Few use GPP to satisfy its true intent.

I will be happy to discuss more and I have a large article available for download on my site.

In faith,

Coach Davies

shuffle splits for gpp, is that the same as Ali shuffles?

Coach Davies,

What movements do you consider for gpp workouts for an athlete that plays football and basketball???

Stick with the basic movements outlined in Coach Davies articles on t-mag.

Remember the G in GPP stands for GENERAL.

It is not SPP. Jump jacks, shuffle, burpee, mountain climber, slalom hop, vertical hop

squattin600 I’m not sure what you meant by this sentence ?It is not SPP. Jump jacks, shuffle, burpee, mountain climber, slalom hop, vertical hop? all of the exercise in that response can in fact fit in a properly designed GPP session. Now SPP should as the name implies be more sport specific.

It was just a general remark, not intended to be towards any poster. certainly your program was excellent. I was just pointing out a common problem i see with many other “GPP” programs

As “squattin 600” noted one of the common errors is confusing GPP and SPP and many attempt to make GPP specific to there sport. While there is a transitory period in training is which you want to blur the lines with SPP, that requires more extensive long term planning and an extremely solid base of work threshold. However as you first start with implementing GPP into your training please stay basic - with non-weighted and weighted variations.

What was noted as a suggested non-weighted session are from my standard series in Phase I training. Within this you have 4 series of movements in a HIGHLY specific pattern that I would suggest you not adjust. They are performed 30 seconds each, with a precise tempo and continous movement over the set duration. The patterns are as follows:

(i) jumping jacks
(ii) shuffle splits
(iii) burpees
(iv) mountain climbers


(i) jumping jacks
(ii) shuffle splits
(iii) slalom
(iv) vertical hops

If interested I would be happy to discuss more. If you have the desire to learn more about this area, I also have an article on GPP available for download on my site.

In faith,

Coach Davies

squattin600 I misunderstood your first post, thanks for the clarification. I agree with you completely.

Coach Davies in your GPP programs what kind of progression do you use? In other words how long do you wait to blur the line between GPP and SPP? Thanks for you reply.

Boss- have you looked through my recently published GPP article?

Let me know we can discuss because that is a very broad topic.

In faith,

Coach Davies