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GPP and Fatigue


How fatigued should I be after a GPP session? Slightly out of breath? breathing hard? almost dead? I know GPP is used for increasing work capacity,but when does that venture into overtraining?



well, its my understanding that most gpp is brief and intense (sledgehammer striking, sled dragging) - none of these are high duration ativities when compared to regular "cardio". Id say you wanted to progress and up the work load so you should feel worked (depending on length of drill, how many sessions youve done, type of gpp etc).

Regarding overtraining this is commonly overused in my opinion as propper overtraining takes months/years and people very rarely recover fully. Overtraining symptoms however can occur after very few workouts.



I agree with the "overused" comment. Like all dogma overtraining went from unknown to abused as an excuse to not work hard,. yes it real but much overused now.

As for GPP, I say make it fun. Like our DC bootcamps. dragging sleds & trucks, throwing things, swings, hammers. All he hell out we are usually both out of breath and beat to hell but yert laughing.

I have added this as an extra day and really have seen nothing but positive effects from it.

So I say just go out and BUST ass but have fun doing it. It has an Odd effect of not seeming like busting ass. Dan talks about this in the FUN days he does with his Football teams. They will play a game and will soprint jump etc twice as hard and fast as when actually doing sprints but since its FUN they dont notice it.

Hope that helps,


You throw trucks? Damn, Phill... you are one hard core MFer!


truck throwing would possibly achieve the "almost dead" feeling you may/may not be seeking.


Also, try truck catching for a true hard core experience!