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GPC Ireland 2009 Bench Comp


Short version: 465lb @ 220lb as a junior in single ply gear and to IPF rules

So here's the LONG story...

Anyone's that's friends with me on FB will know I've been walking a tight line with my weight coming into this comp. I started dieting months ago with the intention of coming in at 100kg. I've been tracking my morning and evening weight for the last week trying to estimate what I'd need to be the day before to come in at 100kg.

I was 103.5kg on Thursday night, 100.9kg on Friday morning, 103kg that evening and 99.9kg yesterday morning. Might sound good, but that was a obvious sign I was going to come in too light. Was 100kg bang on around 6pm and t's hard to force yourself to eat and drink knowing you've a weigh in the next day but thankfully I'd a good friend in my ear saying the right things. Got up to 101kg last night, 100kg on the button this morning before I left, and 99.81kg at weigh in.

Managed to get myself to 103.1kg by the time I started to warm up 2 hours later thanks to copious amounts of Diaorlyte, water, lucozade, chicken sandwiches, red bull and a cookie.

The bench, bar and plates were absolutely perfect so I knew I'd no excuse if I didn't come out of it lifting well. Got my warm ups going well and settled into a nice groove early.

190kg for my first attempt, hit it easily.
200kg for my second attempt and a double bodyweight bench, hit it stronger than the 190.
205kg for my third, and it was the best of the lot.

Decided to put my balls on the line and go for 210kg @ 100kg as a juinor lifter on a 4th attempt. I won't say I hit it strongly, but it was a clean press straight to lockout for a 30kg competition PR at 100kg, and 20kg absolute PR. I think it may be the highest ever competition bench done across any weight in the Republic by a junior lifter, but am not 100% sure.

Pretty stoked with my performance today. It was frickin awesome going 4 for 4 after bombing out badly on the bench at the IDFPA nationals last April. It leaves me set up for a really good total coming into next year now. The best part about today was how solid all my lifting was. Everything hit the groove perfectly and I just felt ultra comfortable on all the attempts.

Gotta say thanks to Dominic M for helping me out with my shoulder problems over the last couple of weeks, his advice really helped me out and allowed me to perform at my full potential today.

Major shout out goes to Ger, Mic and Trish for travelling down with me and helping out. The difference it makes having experienced guys like Ger and Mic around is unreal. It just makes everything so much easier, all ya have to worry about it lying on the bench and pressing.

I've videos uploading, and courtesy of Trish there'll probably be photos rolling in over the next while too!!

190kg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aini-Je1o6g
200kg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHWX0Ns4gfY
205kg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAygtEDCvwM
210kg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHIXCIV-NPE


good job han! way to get that last lift!


Very impressive, congrats on the PR.


That really some really nice lifting hanley congrats.


Nice job Hanley, but ahhh...."a cookie", WTF? Cookies were made to be eaten by the pack. :slight_smile:


Good lifts man.


i hate the fact i never know these comps are on!!!


Cool lifting Hanley, I bet it feels good to have that record!


adda boy Hanley. At first your buddys singlet looked like he was showing me his ass tho. Had to minimize the window real fast haha.

Good job.


You don't see that singlets that awesome in the States. There's some guy that I've seen in meet pictures from GPC Worlds for the last few yars- he's from europe I believe- that has a leodard-skin pattern singlet that is about two sizes too small. It's the sweetest singlet in powerlifting. A guy rocking a singlet that randy has got mad confidence.


Incredible lift, man.


Excellent lifting Hanley you one bad mofo, Did 5/3/1 make a difference for your unequipped bench to hit that beast?


Excellent lifting Hanley you one bad mofo, Did 5/3/1 make a difference for your unequipped bench to hit that beast?


Excellent lifting Hanley you one bad mofo, Did 5/3/1 make a difference for your unequipped bench to hit that beast?




Yeah man, massive difference. Went from 140kg x4 down to 137.5kg x2!! Hahahaha

In fairness to it tho, I lost 10kg so some drop off's expect. The difference in my shirted bench is down to the fact that my technique has gotten 1 million times better and my arch and set up are a lot tighter now.


Awesome lifts Hanley. I bet that record
stands until you break it again.



Cheers Rick.

Hopefully someone gets after it... they're there to be broken sure!!

Gunning for 220kg by year end tho and if I can do that, might shoot for 500lb/227.5kg at a bench only meet mid way thru next year while I'm still a junior (ie before 24/7/2010!!)


nice job Hanley. ive been wondering why you have been absent from the 5/3/1 thread!


To be honest, it's because I don't rate it. I may have just gone about it the wrong way, but after 4 cycles my raw strength went no where. One might call this a success as I lost about 8kg/18lb during those 4 cycles but my strength never even got close to PR levels on anything. I also think the volume of the big 3 is too low and leads to form breakdown, or at least it did in my case. But again, it could be how I had it set up.

Having come off it about 4-5 weeks ago and started to do my own thing again I've hit a squat PR, close grip bench PR, shirted PR and power clean PR. All all-time PR's at 10kg/22lb under my heaviest.