Gowing Your Own Berries

Looking to see if anyone grows their own berries. i would like to start growing black berries, blue berries and rasberries.

also anyone grow them indoors?

Berries are damn expensive at the store.

Never grew berries indoors, but strawberries, raspberries and blackberries grow like weeds outside. You’d need a hell of a lot of space to grow them indoors though.

Can’t see getting much if any yield indoors unless you have a greenhouse system. And just TRY growing them outdoors. After fighting the various diseases and pests, then trying to pick them before the birds and various critters eat them all…you will start to see that the ones you buy at the store are CHEAP.

I don’t think that even with a greenhouse berries would make a good candidate for indoor growing, but you can literally find a berry plant for pretty much any climate zone, so outdoors is easy. Raspberries will dominate your entire world so make sure you have lots of space or plan on cutting them back frequently. Strawberries are easy and don’t take up much room, but yield is low unless you have a lot of plants.

There are many disease resistant varieties and bird netting will solve the bird problem. Find someone who has a blackberry or raspberry bush and ask them for a cutting, couldn’t be easier. There are much harder food crops to grow than berries and many people grow them, seriously, not a big deal, give it a shot.

I grow many. After 5yrs my 4’x4’ blackberry bushes will net me 3-5 gallon ziplocs of berries, plenty for the rest of the year (and some homemade wine). Planted my second 4x4 this summer. The patches are surrouned by a cement & paving stone patio - they will take over the world if you don’t control them.

I also grow alot of gooseberries, currents, bush cherries. Easy to do, no spraying, no pests, very reliable for crops every year. Even birds are not bad, plenty for me and them.

Strawberries and raspberries spread like weeds, actually faster than weeds in my yard. We had a good spot set aside and planted 1 raspberry bush and four strawberry plants. Three years later there is no empty space at all and we are finding raspberry bushes all over the yard. We do get a lot of fruit every summer though, and the taste destroys anything you will find in a store. Chocolate covered strawberries and raspberries that were grown in your own yard are amazing.