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Gov't Infringing on Another Person's Liberty



I wish she was my teacher.


Damn. Talk about incentive to learn.


No way I'd learn a thing...


True. It could go either way. You'd want to impress her, but at the same time, you wouldn't hear a word she said.


Maybe, had she been my teacher, I'd of learned proper word usage :wink:


Thought I would bring up a topic that everyone could agree on.


lol it looks like you've certainly found one.

Although, knowing this place, we'll find something to pick apart


Sorry what were you saying? I was watching the video.


I can think of a few positions that I'd fill her with.

But...uhmm, yeah, bad teacher!


See guys not everything is bad on fox news.


I would intentionally get detention, so I could be alone with her after school.


They could of at least posted said offensive pictures, for umm, research...


I bet you can find them on the interwebz for umm, research.


I'm sure