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Governor Chris Christie


I don't much follow New Jersey politics...but every time I hear Governor Chris Christie speak, the more I like him....

Something tells me we will be hearing this guy's name more and more as we get closer to 2012...





I doubt he'll have as big a future in Presidential politics as you might think. He's outspoken, and fiscally conservative. How do you think those two thinks will play in the national media? One tiny slip of the lip, it could be something insignificant, and the press will work him over. And of course the late night liberal comedians will have a field day with his weight problem.

Am I being overly pessimistic? Maybe, but I really doubt the press will allow anyone to dethrone the anointed one, or maybe I should say "the one they anointed."

By the way has anyone noticed how the press leaves Joe (if I speak I make a mistake) Biden alone? Yet, they destroyed Dan Quyale's political career for minor gaffes. Then of course there's the whole Palin vs the Press ongoing war.


Yeah, I don't know if he would ever become a serious contender...I just think we're going to hear is name come up quite a bit.

Maybe even make the Republican primary interesting, even if he doesn't make it to the general election...


I like where he is from. Geographically he would be a powerhouse if on the ticket. But, I wonder how he'd do with the MSLM.


Christie won on the impotency of this predecessor (Corzine) as much as his own great ideas.
Corzine (an alleged former golden boy from Goldman Sachs) won the last term on the same platform -- get NJ back in the black fiscally. After the last election, Corzine promptly fell in bed with the unions and became a TOTAL ZERO. Even his former girlfriend was head of a union and there was much ado about whether Corzines private emails with this union leader was subject to disclosure, blah, blah, blah.

Then Christie, with his Guilianian atty. general background, was all it took. I like Christie a lot. We have known his work since he was a county freeholder in the county where we live.

People who are pissed-off tell him that he will never get a second term. His answer..."I don't care. I just don't care". Gotta love it, coming from a politician.

I hope no one takes a pop at him. He is exactly what NJ needs.


What do you mean "he was a county freeholder?"


In New Jersey, each county has an elected Board of Chosen Freeholders, which has legislative and executive functions overseeing county functions.

One of the reasons our taxes are among the highest in the country is because of redundancy of services. Municipal services, county services, state services, federal services. Of course, they all claim to have an intricate jurisdictional system that assures no overlap, but a lot of the services can be handled with one entity.

Currently, here in Morris County, the county is in the process of taking on all 911 services for 44 municipalities. They are trying to consolidate.


Thanks for the explanation.



At my graduation for Monmouth University this May, Chris Christie was one of the speakers and he gave a damn good speech. Basically he said that we try to never lose the urge to explore and learn new things. People shouldn't think that they are trapped in to whatever path they have chosen up to this point.

In other words, we shouldn't let the fact that we just got a degree in a certain subject, and are probably about to go work in that particular field, get in the way of pursuing other areas we might also enjoy. Sort of a "you never know what's out there till you try" type of message.

He also literally got interupted by booing from the crowd a few times. The section of education students wasn't too happy some of his policies that resulted in firing of a number of teachers. He was a good sport about it though. He even stopped mid-speech and said to those booing that he ackowledges why they are angry at him and said that they shouldn't be afraid to let their voices be heard, even if that meant booing Chris Christie during a graduation speech.


We have good friends (husband-wife) that have been career teachers in NJ for a while.
In fact, we are seeing them tonight for dinner, drinks & cards. They can't stand Christie.
I'm bracing myself to endure an earful of anti-Christie venom.

Hey, he's negatively affected my career too (K-12 school construction). I was working on a nice big school project...about 1/2 way through foundations...and Christie suspended the project. Just stopped it mid-stream. The lay-off axe fell uncomfortably close to me, but fortunately I found other projects to work on (retro-greening buildings with Stimulus Funds). I'll take it. Better than the alternative.

Anyway, not to be a wuss, but my gameplan for tonight with our anti-Christie friends is NOT to engage in the inevitable diatribe. I'll politely listen, make a few benign comments, and try to steer the conversation to happier subjects. I really don't want to get into it. I really don't want to polarize the discussion. I value our friendship more than any political opinion.



Oh, in reference to the initial post regarding Christie and 2012....I don't think he would make a good president. Besides, Jersey needs Christie more. I think Romney will reign for the GOP, but Christie will give a kick-ass speech at the GOP convention (like Guiliani did). It will be interesting.