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Gov. Rick Perry


I was really hoping this guy would take the GOP presidential nomination plunge already.

Good jobs/economy creed in Texas - this is a huge plus
Has presidential looks and personality
Seems to have his feet (boots) on the ground compared to Obama's tiresome, floaty, lofty platitudes

Country not ready for another Texan
Too overtly Christian -- with his prayer meeting and all. Maybe he can get away with that in Texas, but it's a turnoff to other parts of the country. Thinking heavily populated northeast cities
Has publically stated that he's not interested in Washington

What's the deal with this guy? Will he or won't he?


I hope not. He reminds me of a used car salesman, and would be at the rock bottom of my list.


I'm not sure that the country "isn't ready for another Texan." Pundits might come up with things like that while they are grasping feebly in the dark for meaningless talking points to fill their time slots, but do people really think this way?

Other than that, I agree. Economically Perry would have a leg up over Obama. The religiosity would be a big hit though in certain parts of the country.

Edit: By big hit I meant big blow to Perry himself. Although, come to think of it, in other parts of the country the positive connotation of "big hit" applies as well.


The Christian radio station I listen to is saying to support the man yet I know nothing about him.


Under him texas debt skyrocketted.


So we can judge people for having an profession, but not their lifestyle choices.



Well John S. in some aspects yes but under him Texas is doing pretty damn well compared to rest of the Country.
All my buddy forlife, you know I actually think I know who you are. I have some pretty high power gay friends in Kessler Park and Oak Lawn. Its a small community.
Ah but your right he does look like a car saleman but so does Obummer. At least the Texas Gov. has real experience in being governor for at least 11 yrs in one the Nations leading states.
You should see all the recent boom down in Dallas there are new houses being built daily where I deliver mail. Guess what they all come from Cali, Illinois, Michigan and Oregon. Those are the main ones. Hmm I wonder why?


Hope he gets in!!


I hope he gets in!


I'm losing hope that Perry will toss his cowboy hat in the ring. I like his fiscal policy---don't spend all the money. But someone mentioned that Texas debt has climbed since he's been in office...so what a surprise....another contradictory politician.

Also, he seems to be a Texan's Texan.....meaning he's not a national or Washington kind of guy. He's been very quiet lately too. My guess is that he was just flirting with the idea. (hope to be proven wrong tho).


Yeah it has gone up but so have the majority of the states in the nation. Texas is least hurt by the economy. There are many jobs to be had and many companies that are making way down here.
He reminds me of Chris Christie from NJ that is the closest comparison I can make. Like any politician there are dark sides but not as bad Obama who has done diddly squat since in office.


Christie. Is. The. Man.

Very happy and relieved that Christie is not tempted towards the GOP nomination.
We need him to continue what he's started in NJ! He's just getting warmed up!


Christie is the Man. I hope he gets re-elected for a second term. Then he can run for POTUS.


Two good Governors, for sure...but we have to be careful about thinking that what a governor can do on the State level can also be done on the Federal level.
(Thunderbolt; any thoughts?)

(By the way...I just read an article where Christie HATES (at least publicly!) being compared to Tony Soprano...!)



HAHAHAHA Yeah I suppose so! Most decent law abiding folks from Jersey dislike the Sopranos......especially some Italianos who are very sensitive.

AND the Jersey Shore.....

AND Housewives from New Jersey!

Split 50-50 on Sinatra.

Bon Jovi's done some good.

Bruce is still BOSS!

(R.I.P. Clarence)


I think Perry is positioning himself to be on the republican ticket in the VP slot. What do you think Mufasa?


Good question, Zeb.

Historically, the VP choice is as "political" as it gets...it's meant (mostly) to attract a certain segment or segments of the Electorate; OR to "appease" a certain segment of the electorate/and or the Party.

Therefore, the VP choice will depend on a) who the nominee is and b) where the electorate appears to be entering into the general election.

Perry may, or may not, be the "best" choice leading into the election.

Much like Palin; I think Perry is "playing it coy"; and waiting to see how things go.



There's a red flag right there.


If you're wondering from which program I heard that from it was from the Jay Sekulow Live! from ACLJ.


Good read my friend.