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Gov Controlled Doping Tests at Gyms


Oh my goodness, like they don't have anything else to worry about.

Here in Holland the idea to introduce government controlled doping tests at gyms came up today. They want to make everyone who works out in a gym take such a test and if they are positive they will get a gym-ban!

Can you believe it? They want to use the IOC dopinglist as a guideline, so that means you'd better train as a professional athlete or otherwise you can't go to the gym anymore.


Not that I use any restricted drugs ofr my training, but I believe one should be free to do so if that's your choice. I mean that's the policy on smoking and alcohol as well, we even allow fucking soft-drugs, but all of the sudden they're worried about doping? Ridiculous.


I'm moving to the Netherlands!

I've long held that we need to keep as many people out of the gyms as possible - it's like a bad habit. When folk should be sitting at home watching TV from a perfectly good couch, they're all in a gym or outside working out. Good on the Dutch Government for tackling such a serious problem head-on!



There are a lot of things on that list that you wouldn't expect to be on a banned substance list.

It doesn't have to be steroids.

Certain levels of Caffiene will set it off too


I think the IOC limit on cafiene is 120mg so if you have had three cups of coffee you fail, if you have allergies and are taking an antihistaimne you fail, if you are taking a common cold medicine you fail as ingerients in both cold and allergy medicine can be used as masking agents, poppy seeds show up as opiates in urine tests and the list goes on


These tests aren't free. Who pays for this lunacy?


They haven't figured that out yet, they're too busy trying to get support for the plans.

Seriously I'm wondering what the fuck they are thinking. Like guys in here said already the IOC list is so strict, if this would go through I bet homegyms will boom lol.


Huh? kinda bonkers. Are the politicians just bickering and speachmaking about this or is it being signed into law or any stage in between? Are they talking about drug testing the average gym-goer or just big guys or what? I would imagine that several private ( home ) gyms will be set up and quick! Drugs , steroids, alchohol all will always be with us.


At least it is better than the usual Euro Bush bashing. Or is it. Suddenly all the pinkos have a new interest--YOU.


Do us a favour and go punch your local politician in the face.


Tell dave tate to move his business over there. lol


What's the reasoning behind this?


Here is a link to the current WADA standards for those who are interested.



Boy, are they sitting around all day trying to find ways to blow taxpayer's money?


It was an idea that was mentioned by one party, and two other parties jumped in and said they'd push this through if the financing can be done.


Because according to their research going to the gym equals steroid use.


My first thought would be to question whether this is even constitutional. There would have to be a legitimate concern for public safety or reasonable suspicion (please, other than trying to point fingers at somebody who merely looks good) in order for it to seem feasible. There would seem to be some "invasion of privacy" issues, be it either legal or psychological. It's already difficult enough as it is for small businesses in the fitness industry. Many people, regardless of whether or not they have anything to hide, would feel uncomfortable being tested. They don't want somebody watching them pee into a cup and they don't want somebody poking them with a needle to draw their blood. Heck, many will throw a fit if somebody tries removing some of their hair. People often don't like being analyzed and questioned as that also makes them feel uneasy. A newcomer, often especially the ones who need it most, can have a particularly difficult enough time taking that first step and mustering up the courage to begin a fitness progam trying to change their life. They would have one more thing to worry about, and unfortunately for a lot of these people it would be the dealbreaker. An extremely good point somebody else already brought up, is the question of who would be willing to pay for all of these tests. The taxpayers wouldn't want to, the club owners wouldn't even be able to, and not enough of the members would choose to fork out the extra cash to even keep the doors open. It doesn't seem very doable.


ANother reason not to like the Dutch.