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Gov. Chris Christie Rips Reporter




That was indeed "honest and refreshing." It's rare to see a politician speak so directly and I appreciate his acknowledgment of the traditional "escape hatches" that the popularity-obsessed, snake-tongued politicians use.


When did walruses learn to speak?


Christie for Prez in 2016!!


That walrus is smarter than most humans in Congress


I never thought I would say this but I wish I lived in NJ.


Wow, that was fucking awesome.


Arizona isn't looking bad either. These are governors who are real leaders, they don't scare so easy. This is what leadership is.


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I didn't think that was a "ripping" at all. It was direct, but calling someone thin-skinned is not a ripping. Christie's minions (particularly the guy laughing like a hyena) will find that Christie's "refreshing" approach is going to lead to big problems. His miscalculation regarding the Supreme Court appointment and when his budget cuts start to affect people on the ground, they will start to howl.


People always howl when you take away their free lunch. Just look at spoiled kids who's parent's cut off their allowance.


Let's see...

1) New Jersey

2) Looks and talks like Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero

3) Ummmmm....

(I'm just sayin'...)



Who cares if those worthless bums howl.



Funny how Bonpensiero means "good thinker" in Italian. He (Christie) might be on to something with talking with some balls to the press. I hate someone who tip toes around issues, and here we see a politician finally speaking the minds of what his constituents want, and in an unapologetic way.

Why do we need to be so delicate with people, as far as how we speak? We will never solve anything, until we can get really honest with each other, and this guy is more than ready.

Let people howl, fuck 'em, we can howl back. For so long, I have seen the Conservative Right continually back down to the left when they scream about something. The best for that, is to scream back louder. We are finally seeing glimpses of this around the country, in AZ and in NJ. Schwartzenegger has proposed cutting welfare in California, actually he pretty much says he is going to do it, and he will hear the howling as well. But there is no choice anymore.

When the money drys up, that's it. Jersey is nearly out of money, so it's time for the tough decisions.


What's the alternative? Should NJ continue down the road of spending money that it doesn't have. The government in NJ is a big, bloated mess. The entire public sector in NJ is too big. There are too many cops, too many teachers, too many county workers, too many politicians and too many administrators. Add on the fact that some of these cops, politicians and administrators are making ridiculous salaries and I just don't see how it could have continued.

The business environment in NJ is horrible. People are leaving the state in droves. If something isn't done now, the entire state will look like Detroit.


and for those who have never been to Detroit, trust me, its not pretty.


This I disagree with. People are not leaving in droves, and this state is nowhere near fucking Detroit. There are economically downtrodden areas and there are plenty of spots that are doing just fine.

This is a gross exaggeration of what's going on. I take it you live here?