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Anyone else suffering from this ?

Its a real problem as protein is the root cause or should I say purine !

Basically I have been using Met Rex Supreme Whey 4 scoups a day and my gout attacks have increased in favt I have permanent Joint discomfort in my wrists ankles and toes !

If I eat alot of meat whick would be my usual source of protein then it gets worse.

I cant touch Chinese food at all !

Beer is out of the question !

Can anyone a bit more scientific help me ?

Quit drinking.

Have you tried some cherry juice?

Is it actually gout? Sometimes calcium and joint deterioration can simulate the same symptoms as uric acid. A simple blood test can confirm the latter. If that is the case then dietary change is the only true recourse. I had a similar problem in my foot and gout was suspected. In the end orthotics did the trick as the problem was skeletal.

" A recent study clearly demonstrated that diets high in meats (more than 1.92 servings per day compared with less than 0.81 servings per day) led to an increase in the risk of gout.2 In fact, the relative risk increased by as much as 21% with each additional portion of meat consumed daily. In like manner, increased seafood consumption (of greater than 0.56 servings per day compared with less than 0.15 servings per day) also increased the risk for gout, and even more so in men with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 25. No relationship was found to exist between total protein intake and the risk of gout, or between consumption of purine-rich vegetables and the risk of gout."

So something about meat and not protein.

“Gout, which affects mostly men, is caused by the metabolic waste product uric acid crystallizing in one or another of the small joints, causing pain and inflammation.”

"Foods Associated with Gout

Among people with gout, attacks may be caused by diets with an abundance of foods containing purines. Purine-rich foods include:

* Beer
* Anchovies, sardines, herring
* Asparagus, mushrooms, spinach, cauliflower
* Meat broth and consomm?, meat gravy
* Organ meats (kidney, liver)
* Yeast. "


The above is a good read.

There may be a metabolic disorder or sensitivity that might need to be understood.

What did your doctor say about it.
I suffered a few attacks of gout. Went to the doctor, he gave me an injection that dissolved the crystals quickly, then had me starting on a drug Allopurinol.

I’m supposed to take it every day. And I do.

Also, drinking a lot of water helps. So does training.

Also, gout shouldn’t be taken lightly as it can permantly damage the joints.

The crystals can form in muscles, even in the heart and can cause permanent damage there also.

At least, that’s what my doctor told me. So I take my small pill every day!

I have had gout and also kidney stones which are also related to the same underlying causes.

See your doctor!

But I have not had an attack since losing weight. I think muscle mass is probably okay, but try to keep the fat low.

Also, as other have suggested: cherries in season and cherry juice (just a small amount per day) is apparently helpful.

Most important of all is to DRINK LOTS OF WATER! It’s amazing all the things that proper hydration corrects.

I know gout is very painful. Been there and done that. Good luck in bringing it under control.