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Gout Complications on TRT

Hello guys I wanted to see if any of you have a history of gout and how TRT might have affected it positively or negatively. I was put on the following regimen and my gout went absolutely in overdrive.
CONT Boron 10mg by mouth daily
CONT ZMA by mouth every night
BEGIN DHEA 25mg by mouth every night
BEGIN Semorelin 500mcg SQ every night (to lower SHBG and increase IGF-1)

Had to quit the regimen and now I am back to square one. There are limited articles online about the subject but from the ones I did research there are some direct correlations between high uric acid levels and low T etc. If anyone has any expertise on the subject would love to hear from you. thanks

Are you taking allopurinol to reduce uric acid? Do you have uric acid tests?

I used to suffer but not anymore. Too many changes to pinpoint.

No the question is for people who are gout prone. Asking if trt affected their gout attacks in a good way or bad way. No I don’t want to take the Allopurinol so I try to keep gout attacks to a minimum with diet and a gallon of water each day. I’m 51 and been getting gout since I was around 26-27 yr old… Just the regimen that I posed that Defy put me on made my gout go crazy so had to quit it. Pretty sure it was the DHEA part of the regimen that set it off so badly. I’m trying to figure out if test replacement would do the same thing or make the gout better. I’ve seen studies that say both.

Sorry to bother. Are you saying after you started trt the gout went away? The more I study the correlation between sex hormones and gout the more complicated it gets.

Not really. Ive been on T for a few years but taking allopurinol as well as I too was a gout sufferer for the last 20 years (im 48). I gave up booze in September and stopped taking allopurinol in October and havent suffered in the least. This doesn’t help much for your question, just clarifying. The real info will be with my next uric acid test.

I take allopurinol for uric acid stones. The uric acid is high in my urine. Blood ok.

Boron etc these supplements do impact things we don’t know. I mainly stick to a multi vit, d3

I was just about to ask the same question. If someone here is on TRT with gout and how it is worst or better. I have urine acid 466 and max normal value in my country are set to 420. I was on TRT some time ago, but had to stop because of some possible madicaments contraindication and I would like to start again because I am not pills free.

Uric acid test last week and its down again, to 5.9. Like I said, quit booze in September of last year and no gout meds since October:

Testosterone is not going to counteract or shave any issues with any medication at all. It’s a hormone your body creates.
Bio identical. If you can take it when healthy, you can take it on trt. Your doctor or whoever told you to get off is an idiot.

NH_Wattsm great info! Thx for sharing.

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I am not arguing enackers, but at that time I was on shitload of antibiotics for few years and it was messing with my hormones. For example my complete testosterone was over 50 nmol/l without taking any T suplements, but my free T was almost not there. Also my shbg was over 200 etc. After 2 months on TRT without any problems (still on antibiotics) I started to get feeling like heart attack every time I took shot and it was so bad I had to stop TRT. Here is the topic Lyme Disease, Antibiotics, and TRT

Now I am antibiotics free and I ma thinking about start TRT again, but I just find out I have gout, so I would like to know if its safe for me to start.

Got it thats a very odd scenario. Get back on it man your body needs it. The preventative health benefits are awesome. Especially after having your issues im sure in the long run it will heal and help the body get stronger.

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