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Gout and Protein Powder

Maybe I already have the answer to this, but I was diagnosed last summer with Gout and take medication for it to keep it at bay. The only real drawback is, so far, I cannot find any information on what kind of protein/post workout shake I can get that won’t cause a flare up. I used to take MusclePharm Pro-Combat Protein, but that inevitably caused a flare up.

Anyone out there have gout or know someone who does that found a type of protein that they could take?

What do you need avoid a flare up?

Literally the only thing that has caused a flare up for me in the last year and a half was that protein. My triggers used to be alcohol, too much beef, or protein supplements. Alcohol and beef don’t cause it any longer, but I haven’t tried the protein because it’s expensive and I don’t want to buy a container just to not be able to use it. So I figured asking if anyone had found a brand that works would be worth it.

Hmm… wouldn’t know.

You should try sample packs of powder and do trial and error. A plant based protein might help?

try Mag 10 or some of the new egg protein powders.
some people rave about humapro also.
Mixing in Superfood or a greens supp prob wouldnt hurt either