Gourmet Nutriton Recipe Question

Has anyone made any of the protein bar/brownie recipes in Gourmet Nutrition using Low-Carb Grow!? All of the recipes call for whey protein powder. Low-Carb Grow! is the only protein powder I buy, and I have run into an issue when using it in the recipes. The problem is that the bar recipes call for far less liquid or wet ingredients then necessary when using Grow!

Whey protein gets very soupy when a little bit of liquid is added and the recipes account for this. Grow!, however mixes up quite thick. The first batch of bars I made (Smores bars) were very dry, and I used double the amount of apple sauce just to get it to mix. Anybody else run into this? I know the simple solution is to just increase the amount of liquid, however I plan to make the mixed nut bars next and the only wet ingredient is eggs, no liquid added. Ideas?

I think the reason JB put whey protein in the recipe is because in the baking the protein becomes denatured. So all that “micellar casein” business that gets bragged about goes out the window.

I’ve tried the mixed nut bars with cheap-o whey and with Low-Carb Grow! and both results were great, so go ahead and enjoy.

I attempted the peanutbutter chocolate bars last week with whey and had to add some water to get everything mixed. The baking didn’t do much to dry it out though and they came out a bit gooey.

I’ve forgotten the question but I hope that has helped. Good luck!

For dinner tonight, I made some Bisquick reduced fat pancakes and threw in two scoops of vanilla Low-Carb Grow!. Delicious. Threw on a couple Boca sausages and ended up with a totally filling, high protein meal without too many carbs or too much fat. A very tasty meal, if I do say so myself!