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Gourmet Nutrition

Say, has anyone purchased JB’s book Gourmet Nutrition? It sounds great, but I’m wondering if its more for general fitness enthusiast vs. bodybuilders. Looking at the sample PDF file on JB’s web site I noticed that some of the recipes contained sugar. That scares me because my goal is to remain lean year round (9%-10%) My present nutritional practices are somewhat old school with no extra sugars or fats in my diet. However, I can’t stand the thought of another eqq white, green pepper and mushroom scramble. Your recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

I enjoyed the book very much. I really do not think the sugar content will be an issue in any of the meals. If I remember correctly, I believe there is a money-back guarantee.
The DVD is very informative, too. :slight_smile:

Train smart.

the book will help as long as you apply the recipes to your diet.

I found it to be helpful. Do I use all the recipes, no. Do I even use a majority of them? No. But I have about five recipes that I regularly use, and to me, that was worth the cost. Since I am micromanaging my diet, I need to be regular and scheduled, therefore I dont need a massive variety in my menu choices. But this book will give you a couple really tasty ideas that you will incorperate regularly.

Also, it is a shame that his stir fry recipe didnt make the book. I make a HUGE batch of it on sunday and wednesday, and eat it once or twice a day. My favorite recipe thus far. The stir fry came from one of his Scrawny to Brawny newsletters.

I think this is a great cookbook for both fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders! The recipes tend to focus on fresh ingredients, healthy fats, high-quality proteins, and are full of flavour. In general, the ingredient lists aren’t too long, and are often things you might have on hand in a decently stocked kitchen (not including less ‘mainstream’ protein sources such as elk and ostrich).

If you are concerned about sugar in your diet, in general you could use a sugar substitute or decrease the amount you include in the recipe.

Each recipe has the nutritional information per serving. Some recipes seem to be calorically dense, but I find serving sizes to be pretty generous and you can also pick and choose your recipes accordingly.

There’s also some great tips on what to stock your kitchen with, from kitchenware to seasonings and sauces.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this cookbook for those serious about good food and nutrition. Just remember that it is not meant to be a low-cal cookbook.

Happy cooking!


I agree about the sugar substitute. I use Splenda in everything that calls for sugar…even baking. Gourmet Nutrition is one the best cook book I have ever seen.

Excellent book with some very good recipes. Explains a lot of the why along with the how. I would recommend it highly.

Does splenda carmelize like regular sugar?

[quote]Panther1015 wrote:
Does splenda carmelize like regular sugar?[/quote]

I would vote no.

Have it. Love it. Buy it.

(Seriously, it’s a great deal.)