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Gourmet Nutrition Review?

Looking for some reviews on JB’s Gourmet Nutrition book. I’m going to probably get it but wanted some users to chime in with their reviews anyway on stuff like average perparation time for meals, the taste etc. Do they generally taste good or bad, tolerable, etc. Just the basic stuff.

I eat something out of that book every day. The shakes alone are worth the price of the book. I also like how he has it broke down to when to eat what as far as post-work out or anytime.

I agree with Mack, it’s pretty good stuff. You can’t get better infos than that. If I were you, I’d consider spilling the dough for the ‘precision nutrition’ package. I’ve got it and I don’t regret it. EC has a thread on it right here, you should look for it if you need any more convincing.

I agree with the above statements, I bought the Precision Nutrition Package and although its all great I personallyt find the Gourmet Nutrition book to be best of the bunch.
Yes the meals quick and easy to prepare and taste great, but what I like the most is that so many of the recipes use common ingredients. I’ve always hated cookbooks that require a trip to the grocery store for every recipe.