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Gourmet Nutrition Question For JB

I purchased J.B.'s Gourmet Nutrition book a while back and have loved the recipes I have tried. I was going to give some of the bar/snack recipes a shot. They all call for either vanilla or chocolate whey. Has anyone tried Metabolic Drive here? How did it work out in terms of taste?

I am going to try making some for my 3rd grader as a snack for school. Previously, she brought nuts/dried fruit (better than the lunchable/chip/pretzel crap that everyone else seems to eat). This year, she has someone in her class with a nut allergy, so the nuts are out. Would you be concerned about the amount of protein per serving in the snacks (~20g) for an 8 year old? I could just give her a smaller serving, if needed.

works fine

I’m pretty sure those recipes are made with Metabolic Drive in mind. In fact, when suggesting a protein powder, JB usually goes with Metabolic Drive (or previously Grow!, back when PN and shit was published).

Don’t be concerned about the protein content I say. Check out the locker room for JB’s thoughts on protein:

And John suggesting using Metabolic Drive for the recipies, so it will essentially be the same.