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Gourmet Nutrition Plug


been following JBs advice and just participated in a test at the university

they use a high end tanita scale to check BF, and it seems over the course of a month i dropped 3% BF and maintained total weight, so the elusive fat loss and muscle gain works.

obviously the scale could be way off but the mirror says not.

if you haven't already bought it Gourmet Nutrition is worth the money


Are you a beginner? What kind of stats are we talking about here?


First of all, thanks for the plug.

Secondly, were you using a BIA device with hand and foot electrodes and were you testing lying down? If so, the results are usually reproducible (not that accurate but reproducible, for sure).


JB it was standin up, hand and foot electrodes, Kellogs sponsored some research at the Uni and bought the machine.

ok stats, were training 20 years, and 195lbs at 13% to begin with, no change in weight, but registered 10% 1 month later, shoulders and gut were noticably leaner.

workout was very simple, just loads of compound 5x5 stuff, no isolation and no cardio.

hydration may have scewed the results slightly, but i definitely looked better