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Gourmet Nutrition for Every Meal?

I know JB addressed this question once before, but I forget the answer…

The recipes in the GN ebook are great but NOT for every meal is that correct? Sometimes you have to go plain grilled chicken/spinach/flax caps instead of another anytime meal? I think he said 1-2 meals per day from the GN. Is that correct?

board whores answer me!

I cook something up from GN only when I need to spice up my diet.

I regularly cook the chili but everything else is sorta just to break monotony.

If you have that much free time on your hands, by all means go ahead and pick out recipes from GN and have at it.

I find that the recipes in GN are too complicated to use all the time. So yeah, usually a couple times a week when I get the time I’ll cook one up.