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Gourmet Chicken

Ok I want to ask all you Tmen out there a very important question. We all go out to restaurants and eat. Well last night for Mother’s Day we went to this really fancy Italian Retaurant. For the main course I ordered the breast of chicken cooked in cream and white wine. Now the chicken was awesome, but after I ate it I wondered how the wine in the chicken would affect me. Is this the same as having alcohol in your system, resulting in lower T-levels or what. I mean there was a “flavor” of the wine in the chicken throughout the whole meal. Someone told me that since it is cooked in the white wine sauce, all the alcohol just evaporates and is just used to flavor the chicken. Anyways got me wondering how it affects me and wanted to know what I should do in the future. Anyone wanna help me out. Thanks.

Alcohol does have a much lower evapourization point than 100°C (212°F for barbarians). I wouldn’t worry about the alcohol.

Are you that fuckin anal that you’re worried about that possible tiny amount of alcohol affecting you?..you gotta be kidding…

Dear Forum, for Mothers Day I attended a Bar-be-quie and SUCKED DOWN 6 BEERS…and guess what? I am SURE it dropped my T-levels cause I had a good buzz going!! And furthermore…I DONT CARE!! Bro…you gotta get a life and relax a bit. There are 365 days in the year…and you don’t have to be an angel every one of them! The alcohol probably did evaporate off…but even if it didn’t…who cares…relax a bit!!

I’d be more interested in finding out about that cream sauce than the wine…those types of sauces can really pack some calories. All in all, I wouldn’t worry about it though.

Worried about alcohol (which evaporates) but has no problem with the chicken being “cooked in cream”. Whatever.