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Gotu Kola


Has anyone any experience with this? `

Poliquin recommended it for tendon strength and I have exams soon so I was considering taking it?


Tendon strength and exams?

I'm not seeing the connection.


Sorry, it is also supposed to help with concentration aswell.


Oh, that makes more sense.
I've never taken it, but I would look forward to you documenting it's effects.


I personally haven't tried it, but just buy it and give it a shot. It's dirt cheap compared to other supplements (I think $10-$15 for a bottle)


i used it for lymphatic reasons, but it has a lot of uses. It worked well for me. I have a few clients using it for skin tightening reasons. seems to work well, havent heard anyone call bullshit yet


What kind of dosing did you follow h4r?


3 caps 2x a day for 3 bottles