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Gotta Try This



pretty hard... US fighter pilots are suppose to get 2 minutes




I stumbled across that a couple months ago. My best time is 37 seconds... So I'm only 83 seconds from being a fighter pilot! yay!

Makes me wonder how I have my private pilots license right now... good thing I'm not doing any "fighting" when I'm up there...


I have no idea. It just said that in the email that I got the link from. It's pretty tough though.


Wow..I suck ass. I only got 23 seconds guess I'll never be a fighter pilot.


I got 43.7 seconds, that shit was moving pretty damn fast and my heart was pounding!


.344 on the 1st try, LOL


21 second best.


39.4 seconds

thats is the most frustrating shit i've ever done, you do realize i'm going to do that shit everyday till i get it to at least a min 30

I hate you

I hate my compulsion.


I'm addicted too, thought I would share my addiction by dragging other people into it.


I think I got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome... thanks a lot


I don't even think a Jedi could get two minutes on that thing.

I'm going to be doing that way too much now...


My best was just a few points over 27 seconds. ;_;


I really don't think fighter pilots have to do anything like this. Just e-mail urban myths.
17 seconds!


I want an independent clock.


I only have a thinkpad button. :frowning:


23 seconds with a crappy mouse


You just cost me almost an hour of working time. If I get fired I'm sueing.
Still cant make it past 21 sec though.


WTF, I got 34.7 on my first try. Just move the damn thing around. :wink: