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Gotta Stand Up & Get Ahead


I'm in real early twenties and trying to establish myself.
The world seems so competitive and I feel like I'm not working a quarter as hard as I should.
The economy got me worried, especially right now, because I support myself from my business.

It seems like I'm perpetually broke, because I go to school full time, and study programming, so all my freetime goes to study...in addition to this, I pledged to make money from my biz only. So sometimes I live on about 20 bux a week, no joke, I got money for gas and food. That's about it. I'd get a work/study but my father is too wealthy.

Unfortunately, of his 150k a year, a 120 of it at least gets eaten up in housing payments, because he got into the market as an investor and unfortunately, can't sell his properties now, many of which have inflated in payment and are bereft of tenants.

I work as a web designer, and realize all the opportunities in front of me, I just have to quadruple my intensity and drive. I must take my fist and make my life. For I know that through sheer effort, strength, mentality and cunning, even in these hard times, I can get mine. Make enough money consistently, to provide for me, and a pretty girlfriend once I've got a more steady income.

I've got to train to, I've go to get my body together, and force a classical greek pefection out of myself. It will be through this unity of brains, body and spirit that henosis can be achieved.

I guess that was a rant, I just needed to talk to someone.

Who else need to stand up?


Get some!!


I need to stand up too! Sitting on my ass all night, legs are getting numb.


Is there anyone on this forum, who is NOT a facetious dick. lol.


Yea, he comes in at 10


i think hes running late, maybe 11?


He's kidding.

We all facetious dicks here.






Step 1.

Don't look to solve your problems on a bodybuilding forum.

Step 2.

Bust your ass, the world recognizes talent, it might take a little while longer then you'd like, but it does, so work hard, really hard, become very good at something, and you will get yours.


You have to be patient, but persistent and capitalize on opportunities. Also, be careful and don't burn yourself out.

Oh, learn how to relax and have fun. You're only young once.


Don't worry, man. I feel that way all the time. Keep on keepin' on.


It doesn't take much effort to talk about what's wrong and what you need to do, the tough part is actually getting out there and doing it. Make a list of goals, post those above your desk or workspace, and focus on accomplishing them everyday. You are the only one that can make progress in your life, so looking to gain sympathy or help in an online forum isn't going to be to helpful.

Don't think about it, do it, now.


Dude I promise you in a few years when you look back on this moment it is gonna hit you. When you look back and it sinks in you accomplished some serious shit, it will be the best feeling in the world man.

Trust me, that breath out is worth every ounce of pain, every bead of sweat, every sleepless night, every tear and all the rage.

Good luck man. Keep your head up and eyes focused forward. Only look back to learn from your mistakes.

(But otherwise, the wise ass posts to start this thread were top fucking notch. Hilarious guys, 9/10.)