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Gotta Make a Proper Diet

Thank you very much, you actually posted food that i eat. I start with sunday, i will keep you up to the date with progres, oh and im not on any kind of T… and i didnt run from high school i never liked it

I’m going to say at one point in time you did track these calories. I don’t track calories, but i am aware of how many calories I take in. I eat pretty much the same thing weekly, so after some time, I don’t physically track calories, but mentally I have an idea of where i’m at.

When a person is on a serious cut, they need to be aware of what they are consuming. At least in the beginning until they can go by feel.

Otherwise, I agree with your advice.

That honestly doesn’t look very good. You need to be eating way more carbohydrates.

The protein is okay.

I would say try 2lbs of chicken breast or 99% lean ground turkey breast, 3 cups dry of jasmine rice and 8oz of salmon.

Plus some fruits and vegetables for micros, I like fruit smoothies, zucchinis and sweet peppers.

Need at least 3,500 calories tbh. Mostly carbs and protein. 1.5-2x bodyweight in protein works best for me. So I eat 250-300g of protein a day. Carbs wind up around 650g. Fat is 40-50g.