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Gotta Love the NCAA and it's Rules


In accordance with NCAA Bylaw 16.5.2-[g],an institution may provide only nonmuscle-building supplements to a student ?athlete for the purpose of providing additional calories and electrolytes, provide the supplements do not contained any NCAA banned substances. Permissible nonmuscle-building nutritional supplements are identified according to the following classes: Carbohydrates/electrolyte drinks, energy bars, carbohydrate boosters and vitamins and minerals.

Recently, a question has been raised as to whether an institution may provide Fish Oil [Omega-3 and Omega-6] to its student-athletes pursuant to the provisions of Bylaw 16.5.2.-[g]. Please note that Fish Oil is a fatty acid and is not classified as a vitamin or mineral. Further, it would not satisfy any of the above mentioned categories designed to provide additional calories and electrolytes to student-athletes.

In that regard, it would not be permissible for an institution to provide its student-athletes with fish oil. As with other supplements that do not satisfy the one of the permissible categories set forth in the legislation, a student-athlete may purchase such a supplement at any outside commercial establishment that sells the product at the retail value available to the general public.

However, a student-athlete who elects to purchase any supplement from a commercial establishment should consult with appropriate institutional personnel and take appropriate steps to ensure that the supplement does not contain any banned NCAA banned substance.