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Gotta Love Soda!




mmmm . . . yea. . . all my decisions on what to drink are based on a 12-year old girl's science project.


a 12 year old girl that just happens to volunteer her time as a assistant for a USF professor.


Ummmm, did you read what she discovered??

Her discovery: Seventy percent of the time, the ice had more bacteria than the toilet water

Tastyyyyy Mickey D's anyone??!! da da da daaaa I'm pukin it!


Your mouth has more bacteria than a toilet.


Also, to put this in better perspective for those willing to base any future concerns on a 12 year old girl's science project, the public water fountain at your gym is probably the least "bacteria free".


More great logic:

Becasue the drinking fountain might not be bacteria free then that means that the ice in the drinks that the girl studied ARE safe?



I didn't say that at all. There are bacteria in any public drinking system. This really shouldn't surprise anyone. Had they said they found this much bacteria in OZARKA bottled water, THEN there would be an issue. The misconception here is that anyone thought there weren't bacteria to begin with. The average person doesn't realize just how much bacteria are crawling all over them and living in them all day long all of their lives. Thus why I mentioned that there are more bacteria in the human mouth than there are in the average toilet. If you kissed your wife today, you aren't sterile. That's reality.

You show your own lack of any sense of logic simply by not being able to follow that line of thinking without deep explanation.


Look . . . my point is the 12 year girl may not have used proper collection techniques, (as Prof X correctly points out bacteria IS everywhere) proper controls, and exactly what was the size of the sample? one restaurant? several in a city? or what? This "study" (and I am being REAL generous here - after all is a 12-year olds science project) is the kind of JUNK that grabs headlines -and passes for real science these days. This one is going to quickly become an urban legend.


What a dumb little b1tch! I just want to smack her right now...
"Oh there is bacteria in public water(the ice)?! Wow, that means it is toxic and everyone should stop drinking it. Oh yeah, I'll take a #1 with coke!" says the little twit.


And people are always getting grossed out when I lick toilets . . .


Who the FUCK gives a shit!?!?! I mean shit, there's bacteria everywhere, cell phones will give you cancer, and we're all going to die anyway.

We can't go around being scared and concerned about what may or may not kill us. Live life for fuck's sake.

Our society...man, bunch of sheep getting on band wagons.


Ha ha...you are trying to back track now.

I love it when you do that. And boy do you do that a lot.



I know we shouldnt base anything on it, but imagine what this is doing for the girl. Not alot of young students get into science and the media putting this girls work on tv is going to encourage her into doing something good.

So its not all bad...


Back track? My entire point from the very first post was that bacteria is everywhere making this 12 year old's project completely IRRELEVANT. You have no point here. You jumped in, stated some bullshit argument about logic and safety and now you realize that everyone got the point EXCEPT you. Please, do yourself a favor and either come with better attacks or leave it alone. You suck at this.


Do you realize how many kids show even more promise who are getting passed over by this one? This "experiment" was not advanced. She swabbed some ice machines and allowed the bacteria to grow in petri dishes. They should be teaching shit like this in most science classes at her age. I am all for getting kids motivated, but the hype this has the potential to produce will be completely unjustified. It is like a smear campaign on these restaurants because you can't sterilize a PUBLIC ice machine in between each customer.


lol! When I was 12 I built a coil gun and tested kinetic energy using different projectile shapes and materials. I just got kicked out for a weapon. This b1tch gathers ice and gets in the media?!


If it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger.


Exactly. Whoever notified a newspaper needs to be bitch slapped.


This is kinda lame. Basically the girl wins the science fair because she has access to a lab. This is the same shit any dumbass could've thought up, only they don't have the connections. Why don't they just sell the award? And then for some reason a 12 year olds science project is news?