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Gotta Love Max Charles


Any of you seen his new training video? Monster.

Oh and this time he claims to have repped 1035 lbs on deadlift. Andy Bolton who?!



where can this be found?

i googled max charles but couldnt find anything new


I was really hoping this guy was still around.


Just googled this guy....says he trains 3 hours a day. Also says in an interview he does his workout in hour and a half then goes back and does the same workout over again but with lighter weights!!!

So according to the interview he does on legs.....

Squat 7 sets
Leg press 8 sets
Lunges 6 sets
Leg extensions 5 sets
Lighter leg presses 5 sets
Hack squat 5 sets

or something to that effect then repeats. Also goes up to 20 exercises in a day!!

This can't be real...can it??


Hell yeah. The controversy begins again.

This dude seems to create a shit storm whenever he is discussed.




Ah found the old thread on our forums: http://velocity.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/eastern_usa_heavy_weight_champion_max_charles_wtf


CRAZY interview


The thing is, this guy is 300lbs in the off season but people think he's weak.

How many guys near 300lbs looking like that are actually weak?


another part:


Whatever you think of the things he says, let's not forget that he stepped on stage at his first show (having done his own prep) at 270lbs, and won the SHW division. There is no doubt he is a genetic freak and is strong as hell, but a 1035lb deadlift for reps? I'll need proof of that before I believe it.


Repping 100 lbs more than the world record...sounds about right.

His physique is awesome though. At 6ft tall, he must look ridiculous in person.


lol no one thinks he's weak but his strength claims are BS. You're telling me you believe, with no proof, that this guy can do reps with more than the world record deadlift?

That's akin to a nationally ranked power lifter only seen in a sweat suit saying he could beat Mr.Olympia in a BBing competition.


Is that world record deadlift raw?


It'd be a world record equipped too, and that's one of the reasons people might be a bit sceptical.


Off memory but I believe the raw record is 951 and the equipped is 1003 both by Andy Bolton.

To think that people believe this guy reps that is absolutely insane.


Ah, I see. That adds an interesting twist to it. I'm glad to see he's still around though. Do you have a link to the new training video, Waylander?


He claims a 350 preacher curl in that video. He has a great physique, but I think hes a liar.


I would enjoy seeing Konstantine Konstantinovs bitch slap this dude.


those triceps are fucking unreal