Gotta Love Laziness

Had to share this one… I’m sitting at work today, (I work in a cubicle, just think office space) where I’m harrassed on a daily basis about my eating habbits, you know, not eating McFatass burgers and potato chips smothered in melted butter. And one of the sabateurs’ that Chris enlightened us all on was sitting at her desk with a Big Mac in one hand and a twinkie in the other, talking about her recent trip shopping.

Now I thought I had heard all the stupid crap that I could in a place like this, but man this is a new one. Here’s the quote… “I love shopping at insert random big and bigger store because all of their tags are about 3 sizes smaller then anywhere else, so I dont feel bad while I’m buying stuff!” then pounds down the burger faster then I could even comprehend what she just said.

Oh man thats the spirit, just white out the sizes on all of your clothes and that means your in shape! Tell me again why I hit the gym all week? Why couldn’t one of our “experts” enlighten us on this one?! Would have saved me SO much time!

the reason you hit the gym? so you dont have to fuck nasty fat bitches like her…and a bunch of other reasons we all know!

Brother I know what you mean, folks like that are annoying, when I can be, I am mean as fuck to em. When it wont risk my job.

Barring that I ignore then or talk about how sexy I am constanly. That way your not picking on them your just expressing your healthy self esteem. And it seems to really get their goat. What are they gonna reply with? Who cares what they think you wouldnt fuck them regardless, and what are they gonna say? Look at how sexy my rolls are?

Fuck man now I am pissed and want to go kick a fat person. Just kidding. Does feel good to rant about this stuff though doesnt it?

Dude, she doesn’t have time to workout!

She has a job, where no one can see her.

A Husband, whom I feel deeply for.

Kids, who insist that she pick them up 3 blocks from school.

[quote]Jersey5150 wrote:
Fuck man now I am pissed and want to go kick a fat person.[/quote]