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Gotta Get That Yoke!!


Here's where I stand. Former college FB did tons of cleans and snatches. Never got a big yoke. Since then tried to by making deads the first thing I train during the week (and often times my day off). Tried 5/3/1 and had outstanding success with the numbers. Unfortunately, as the weights went up, my scapula went down (not the good kind of down). Not to mention in just about any rowing motion, I feel it much more in my lats as opposed to a balance in lats and mid and lower traps. So not only do I feel my deficiency is in my traps (i.e. yoke) but my upper back (mid and lower traps and rhomboids) as well.

Dead Lift Day
Deadlift 5/3/1 (add a few set here in there with assigned weights and rep scheme)
Neutral Grip Pullups- 8x3 (BW, and could do an additional one or two on each set but I am concentrating on good form and getting a squeeze at top)
Good Mornings- Periodization Last week 6x225 6x250 5x265 4x280 4x290
T-Bar Rows 4x10
One Arm Deadstop Rows 4x10
Face Pulls 3x12

Thinking about putting that aside because I won't get anywhere without addressing this deficient area.

Thinking about using what was laid out in "How to Build a Bodybuilder Back" With making rack pulls my primary movement and still do neutral grip pullups and good mornings and one arm rows. WOuld there be anything else I could add or change about what I am doing now or might be doing that would be useful to implement. In addition, I think if I fix this my DL will go up and my squat will do so too. Thanks


Maybe you should work your upper traps directly? With some shrugs?


maybe rack pulls for overall back (as a replace for good mornings) and upright rows/power shrugs for direct traps work (replace deadstop rows/face pulls)???

I also add 'neck work' in squats day. Definitely helpful shit.

BTW, hello to everyone! cheers!


Yeah... wtf man?

I guaranfuckingtee the dudes with the biggest traps here (for the most part) do shrugs. Consistently. Brutally heavy ones.


Yeah there's no doubt the shrugs would be the primarily trap builder, some remove them though from their routines because of the speed at which they will grow.


I wish I had that problem, I tried everything from rack pulls with tiny ROM with 800lbs to 3sets of 50reps twice a week, they finaaly grew quickly once I put in a 2second hold at the top and did barbell 3sets and DB 3sets each


There you go, OP. Advice straight from someone who had a problem making them grow, and figured out the solution. Get to it.