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Gotta get my protein!!!!

I’m desperate for some inexpensive qauliy protein sources. I eat tuna and other meat products but this question regards eggs. I know there a good source of protein, but I can’t cook them since I’m in a college dorm. I want to drink them raw. I also don’t want a get sick. Is it ok to drink them raw? Are there any steps or precautiuons I could take to make them safer? Thank you fellas. Yo

According to Berardi at T-mag, you only absorb half the protein if you don’t cook eggs. Not good.

In fact, yes, you can cook eggs in microwave. Did it my whole freshman year.

Yes you can cook them in a microwave, poach them by placing them in a microwave bowl and and 1 cup water engouth to cover the eggs about 30-45 seconds they will be done depending on the power of your microwave. Also other than bacteria one problem with raw egg consumption it the lack of absorption of biotin and other nutrients due to the enzyme avidin and other enzymes that need to be denatured via the cooking process. These enzymes unless denatured prevent the uptake of nutrients into the small intestine.

I believe Chucky P answered a question about this once in his ‘Ask the Guru’ column, where he said that heating an egg under hot tap water for a minute would be sufficient to faucilitate complete protein absorbtion, even if taken raw.

as long as you’ve got an outlet you can boil some eggs in your dorm. I lived in the dorm a couple years ago, you can buy a little pot that has a plug and you just put some water in and plug it in and you can boil water in it, shop around, they are fairly cheap, good luck

Jimmy-unless they are very fresh you run the risk of getting sick. If you can get to a microwave then put them in a bowl, mix with a spoon and zap. Good scrambled eggs, just don’t overcook them. Takes about 60 sec. to cook that’s all.

Remember not to microwave your eggs in plastic or styrofoam(sp?) bowls, don’t want those xenoestrogens.

I used a microwavable “hot plate” that you heated for about 5 min. alone, and then place the food on it and nuke it some more. This was nice because it actually browns the eggs a little, rather than just having a wet, white, pile of mush. I also used this for chicken breasts. Wal-Mart, like 15$.

Wash the eggs in a solution of bleach and hot water before cracking them. The majority of salmonella (sp) and some other bacteria stays outside the egg and is mixed in when cracked.

id say do what clint patty said, or just rinse under warm water for 30 secs ala poliquin. mercola would said its is optimal to not cook the yolk…

Egg shells are porous, so if salmonella is present on the outside, it is more than likely on the inside as well. Also when poaching, a few drops of vinegar will help keep the egg together.

What about using ‘Eggbeaters’ or the like? No shell, pre-mixed, etc.

Hi - college dorm, been there, done that. You can buy inexpensive, plug in grills that will cook eggs, chicken, steak and a whole lot more. Mine cost $40 Canadian.