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Gotta Get in Shape! Please Help!


Didn't know where to post this.

I own a convenience store. Getting bigger would help and being able to handle myself would be a bonus. Truoble is that I only got around 45 minutes everyday to train at a gym that's real close to my store. So here's what I do.
Day 1: 20 minutes on the treadmill, all out at the end
Day 2: 20 minutes on the heavy bag, all out at the end
Day 3: 5x5 squat, 5x5 deadlift
Day 4: 5x5 bench, 5x5 row

Rest a day, then start over.

I work 12 to 14 hours a day, 6 days a week.

I'm sure theres better programs out there than what I do. Help????


please tell me this is a trolling attempt

so supposedly, you have 45min to train. 40 of which are spent on running and hitting the heavy bag.

am i to assume you do squat,deadlift,bench, and row in the last 5?

not to mention, you DO THIS EVERY OTHER DAY?

can't be true. lol for the love of god


you need to read some articles on this site my friend. Especially from Chad Waterbury, who specializes in lifting under time constraints. You would be ill advised to ask all of us, because most of these posters will scream and yell at you, lol. Go get reading and be learnin!


45 minutes a day is enough time to get on a proper split. 45 minutes is usually how much time I spend in the gym.


Was the post unclear? I do basically two cardio days follo0wed by two lifting days.

To the other guys, I will check out Chad W stuff. Thanks.


takes me 30-35 mins to do my weights. 4 days/wk


You read it wrong. He's not doing the running and heavy bag on each day. Regardless, its not a very good program. Regardless, its not a very good program.

OP, here is my advice.

1, do Starting strength or a similar program by Chad Waterbury or CT.

2, Take some self defense, maybe Krav Maga.

3, Dont plan on using any of it to defend your store (you'll get yourself shot)

Hope this helps.



my bad man. im a tard. haven't had my morning whatever to get the day started.

dude you really don't need to do a fancy program.

Day 1 - chest/tri
Day 2 - back/bi
Day 3 - shoulders/traps
Day 4 - Legs

you're looking to get bigger right? i'd cut the whole running and heavy bag thing. if it gets your rocks off, then could you hit the bag on your off day? or just add an extra day in there to go tag the bag.

i know what it's like working long ass days and still trying to find the energy for a workout. good luck man!


Chad has some great stuff. Thanks to the guys pointing me in the right direction..

Tryin for size to hopefully make idiots think twice.