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Gotta cut... damn!


I want MASS! DAMN YOU STATE CHAMPION WRESTLER IN MY HIGH SCHOOL MAKING ME DROP 10LBS! I’m skinny enough as it is… skinny fat that is.

Does anyone see a difference between the August and September pictures? They were taken about 6 weeks apart.

I am 5’9
17 years old
3,100 or so cals/day (sometimes more, sometimes less, 95% clean)
Bf% - Could someone guess for me? I’m thinking around 14ish…
Routine: ABBH, Training for Maximal Size, and now RR&D 2.0 when I start to cut.

Words of encouragement are encouraging. Words of criticism are motivating.


Cant see the pics, get an error screen.

What is your weight?

17yrs old…

try this link: http://photos.yahoo.com/depsyphor

You already seem skinny by your weight/height ratio. Although you are fairly young, so maybe you havent filled out much in midsection yet.

Still cant see pics, get a page not found. I can get to the yahoo pics page with 2 folders showing, but cant get past that point.

I saw them. You really want to cut? You need some mass, my friend.

The pages weren’t working before, but they are now (9:10PM EST). Try now.

I’d really like people to tell me if they see any noticeable differences, and if so, where the differences are! I gained 10lbs… and yet very little seems to have changed. Maybe I’m paranoid, but it seems like my bf% has SKYROCKETED and my muscle sure hasn’t… (maybe my biceps and back have improved a bit, but even there I’m not sure). Please tell me what you think, thanks.

Jared: I do not want to cut, but I need to cut. Wrestling dictates that, as there is a state finalist on my team wrestling the 152 class (and I don’t even weigh 160!)

I’ve got 2 months to lose 10lbs, so I can make sure to preserve all the muscle I can.

In the pics… maybe the only difference I see is the fullness of the upper arm… god I am pathetic!

You just called me Jared.

Obviously, the “NOT JARED” is confusing, maybe you should just change your name…Jared. You think way too highly of people’s intelligence…Jared

Gain 20lbs of lean mass and move up to a higher weight class. With the information here at t-mag, you’ll blow away the guys at even a higher level. Quit trying to kill yourself and do what you want, not what a dictator is telling you to do. Thats why I quit wrestling.

Damn… sorry J. God that’s confusing.

Your bodyfat is currently 23.1%.

No, really. We measure bodyfat just like that.

3,100 calories or so…

Do you KNOW how many calories to eat every day? Are you trying bulk up or trim down? You say you want to trim down, yet your caloric intake seems likely to either bulk or maintain your present weight.

Make up your mind, and make your choices accordingly. Saying you want this and doing that wont get you closer to either goal.

I feel for ya buddy! I was in the same situation when I was in the 9th and 10th grade. I wrestled the 132lb class. I was lifting weights and ate like a horse and had problems gaining weight which fit the program real well. Too bad I wanted to gain some weight. I was a cut up muther though. I quit wrestling and gained 20 lbs over the next few years. Don’t be so rough on yourself. You’re a young guy and you don’t have a huge frame. If your metabolism is anything like mine was then you’re gonna have to put down some serious food to gain. It will get easier as you get older though.

Okay, finally see the pics.

Don’t really see what you have to “cut”.

I mean you are quite thin already, and dont have a lot of excess weight on you. Not much muscle either, just lots of white skin and bones.

So I take it your coach isnt letting you move up a class, and instead wants you to sweat down to the lower class?

If that is the case, tough pickle to be in. You cant really afford to lose any muscle, and I would guess you only have a few pounds of fat that you could burn.

Wrestle at 160, it will be better for you in the long run. If you weigh in at 153, you can wrestle 160 or 171. I am sure your first tourney isn’t til December, you can get to 160 by then. My Junior year in high school I weighted in at 156 and ended up wrestling 171 the whole season anyway. I loved it cuz I was the only one on the team that could eat whatever the hell they wanted, plus I always had extra energy which is a plus at a tournament.

I am eating 3,100 calories to bulk, gaining 1.5-2lbs/week.

I am going to take a full week (next week) to taper my calories down to around 2,000, and start doing cardio.

I have the 145lb spot on my varsity team. Sure, I’ll have to beat a senior to take it, and he beat me last year, but no biggie. I CANNOT beat our team’s 152 and 160lb wrestlers, they’re very good and have been wrestling for YEARS longer than I have (and are larger and stronger than me to boot).

I think if I take till mid-December (the 12th is our first meet I think), I can get to 145 without losing almost any muscle. Is this goal reasonable? If I’m around 15% bf right now, then I have somewhere around 133lbs of LBM. At 8-9% BF and 145lbs, I should have the same amount…right?

You could definitely get to 145, but at 5’9, you’ll be a twig.

I would move up to at least 160. I would rather get beaten by a better wrestler and learn from it, than beat a lesser opponent.