Gotta be the first to ask

Hi, Joe

First off i want to thank you for posting up your site i think i speak for everyone saying that this site is amazing and really helps me alot.

First off you know i need to ask some things lol

Heres some information on myself
Age-16 years old
Height-6-6 closer to 6-7
Weight-215 lbs
Vert-22-24 inches standing
Squat-180-190 max i know this is weak
Bench-195 lbs

My goals are are towards my coming season, i have great chances to get looked at by some colleges, we have a 6-7 kid in our league going to be a senior, hes projected to go to the nba draft, so colleges are going to be looking at him all the time, so i can use that oppurtunity to shine.

This year i was a sophmore and i played varsity, my coach had me riding the pine all the time, im already taking care of improving the skills and that is going amazing im getting better so fast people are feeling threatened lol

My goals atheleticly are for the season which is in about 7 months, i want to get my vert up to 30 inches, maybe add 10-15 lbs even thought im 215 lbs im bony, i dont know why but i have a whole bunch of bones sticking out. Also when i play which is always the post, im always getting pushed around becuase im weak, i think its cause i have real weak limit strength.

What kind of split should i have 2 lower and 2 upper or anything else that you would reccomend?

Im going to be playing alot my coach practices with me 2x a week i will be doing alot of things on my own.

Joe this is what confuses me the most, what can i do to get quicker and learn to react quicker? Im pretty fast for my height my i dont react quick my coach tells me that people always seem to be 1 step ahead of me?

Also what about increasing endurance i play but that doesnt do it i get tired in like 3 mins, so my coach could never played me and i dominate for the time i get once i had 5 point 5 boards 3 blocks in just 3 minutes, so i think endurance can make a huge change to my game.

Thanks again sorry for all the questions though.

more basketball questions of his questions…what do you think of a tier like program for basketball?? doing 3 days a week full body…and of course chainging the objective for each sesion…

also concerning gpp…can you do 3 sesions a week with that template?? having difrent focus…restoration, work capacity etc…

what about heavy eccentric training?? when you need to change direction you must first absorb force so doing heavy eccentrics and altitude drops would be like max efort and dynamic method right?

also in your skinny bastard program…can you do your rep day more like what charles staley does in EDT?? you still get tons of reps but with a bit heavier weight say 30RM for your program vs 10-12RM on an EDT scheme…

on the conditioning part for basketball I like doing the folowing…

warm up…5-10min
ball handling/dribbling 5-10min
shooting technique drills 5-10min

the main workout would be…

5 game type shots(made)
1/2 a suicide sprint
5 freethrows(fatigued state like a game)
then the same except doing defensive slides instead of the suicide sprint for the same time that took you…both never more then 15 sec…

you repeat this as many times as you can…and try to beat it each time resting less and less every time
so youre basically doing everything you do in a game…of course your shots would change every set…layups, 3pt, etc…


yeah forgot

what about doing iso hold at the angle you jump??

iso holds suposedly transfer 15 degrees either way…so wouldnt this be another “dirtry trick” one can add??


Sorry i forgot a few things, i am not very flexibile, and my coordination/and balance isnt that good.
Thanks Joe

Sorry forgot to mention my balance/coordination isnt that well its way better than most people my height but theres not to many people my height i know.

Also go whatabout sharing some drills for quickness thanks.