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Goth Hop


This is what happens when The Darkness hits the streets. When we leave our beloved Mosh Pits, Raves, and Covens. When we take a break from writing stories under trees in graveyards and rock the block. This is Goth Hop fucking Horror Core. There's No Bling, No Flash, No Top 40 Pop Shit! This is everything you ever were afraid of!

So without anymore stallng, allow my kind to present some of our most valued Rappers.

666 Mafia

Tech N9NE

Brotha Lynch Hung ft. Tech N9NE

BoonDox Red Mist

AMB Red Rum Where I'm From

Prozak Good Enough

ICP and Twiztid we Dont Die

Prozak and Tech N9Ne Why

Psychopathic Rydas Bandanas

Necro Murder

Esham American Psycho

some more lynch


24 deep

some tech nine (RAW)
the ring

Suicide Letters

constantly dirty

Hed Pe and tech N9ne Work on This

I am Everything


Dude, I highly approve of many of those songs, but Tech N9ne is no goth. I've never even heard of goth hop and Tech most certainly is not it.


I happen to be a fan of necro, but, you do know that actual goth is just post punk music from the late 70's and 80's right? Everything else is just a different musical genre ripping off the name. I don't know how any of this would be considered similar.


Yeah I don't know if Id give up my love for raves Count. You can't beat em!


Dude what the hell are you talking about??? Goth Hop??? Sounds like some gay teens listening to music my "cutties" been listening to since the early-mid nineties and now some how in the end of the first decade of the 2000's have discovered it and are trying to claim music that is definitely not theirs(anyone has the right to listen to every muzik however ask lynch if he is GOTH... hell tell you hes a gangsta nigga)... and yes GOTH is music from the seventies and 80;s and not no faggot ass Marilyn Manson shit.... shit like The Boys Next Door is more along the lines.. I done partied wit Tech in Cali when he was on tour and he may dress strange for the stage but he is definitely not like that when the parties over... He most def is just your average nigga that will yell Regime after he takes a toke... And yah the music is cool but where the fuck did you hear these whiny kids that just wanted to be hugged a lil more after their parents dropped like 3grand on toys claim it as Goth??? Everyone I knew growing up that listened to lynch and tech were BIG ASS SAMOANS and Blacks.... not boys with makeup and girls that think they vampires and shit....


Next you gonna say Mac Dre was goth


HA!! Ct.Rockula...come on,man. Are ya serious?


Pick a team. You're either a vampire or a goth. Have no not seen South Park: The Ungroundable?


This is what happens when The Darkness hits the streets.

Sounds scary brah...


this stuff is reaaaaally close to ICP




Goth is a term used to grab attention and it worked, its just a darker version as opposed to the main stream rap which is about how much money they have and how many 'bitches' they can screw. Slower beats and darker subject material lends to the label 'Goth Hop', there really was never any 'Goth' music the closest to it was industrial which isnt even remotely like this. Then you have 'Goth Rock' which is just rock with yep you guessed it a darker undertone, its almost a pre-fix for bleakness which is fine in my most humble opinion.


was trying not to be a dick about it.

lynch is pretty good though. he says nigga about 1000 times in each song