Got2Squat Strength Training Log

Hi. I am new to the site, new to strength training, and thought I would share my program and progress and hopefully get some expert tips or maybe just some motivation. A little about myself and program:

Age 42, Height 5’8" weight 157 lbs. Decent overall fitness is ok and have done light weight training sporadically off and on over the years. I decided to get focused on a specific program and set some goals to make some progress.

I am doing a 3 day a week strength program with two workouts, alternating:

Workout A:
Squat 5x5
BP 5x5
BB Row 5x5

Workout B:
Squat 5x5
OHP 5x5
DL 1x5

So that’s it, a simple program with tons of emphasis on squats. That is good for me since I have never trained legs before. Sadly, my bench press is quite low, and I squat less than I bench, so that should tell you something.

Nutrition and supplements:
Eating healthy with lean meats, veggies, no fried foods, no junk food.
No drugs.
Multi-vitamin 1/2 2x daily. Creatine 5g daily after 20g/day for 5 day loading. Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey protein 1 scoop in milk daily with breakfast, and 1 scoop in milk post workout. HMB 1g 3x daily(read this helps new lifters). Krill oil 1xdaily.

Starting weights: I started fairly light, and tried to estimate what was around 50% of my 5 rep max weights, in order to avoid injury and get conditioned while building up to heavier weights.

BP 95
Squat 70
OHP 55
Row 75
DL 95

Week 2:
BP 105
Squat 95
OHP 65
Row 85
DL 115

These still seem very light but the weights progress up to and beyond my current 5 rep max on these within 6 weeks.

Oh, I suppose it is important to note that I will be adding 5 lbs to each exercise every workout until I no longer can, and 10 lbs on DL

Initial goals:
DL 300
Squat 300
BP 300
OHP 150

These are nice round numbers, although I would like to do 2x my body weight on the big three, and 1x on OHP as my initial goals.