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Got Yelled at for Chalk-Gyms in MD?


So I work out at a Gold's in Westminster MD and today I got yelled at for using chalk. I am not a guy who claps or throws chalk around or even puts it on my back to squat...and I NEVER make a mess.

But the GM came an talked to me today and said that Chalk messes up the BB's DB's and Plates...after arguing for a half hour about how stupid his argument was I said that I HAVE to use is on DL's over 450 or I will drop it. He said NO-So I said I want out of my contract...

With this lame story told--anyone know of any good Gyms in MD that are ok with serious lifters?


Good luck. I've been looking for a serious gym for a long time. They are hard to find.

I hate Golds too. But I'm pretty much stuck there unless I can find a good gym with child care. I usualy sneak my chalk in with my gym bag which I used to carry around with me. They told me I can't carry my gym bag with me in the gym so I can't sneak my chalk around either anymore. I've tried some of the liquid chalk and it's not too bad so maybe you could give that a try.

Did he let you out of the contract?


Well see...I should know more later this week. But it sounds like you Gym is worse than mine! I may have to try the liquid chalk though.

I told the longer version of the story in my training log-well see if I will be shopping for a new place soon.


Why can't you carry your gym bag with you? That sucks.


I used to have the same problem at a Gold's in Mass. I ended up getting a bag of rosin and carrying it around in my pocket instead of using chalk. It doesn't make any mess, and it's pretty stealth. In the end, I built a gym in my basement so I didn't have to deal with the commercial gym BS.


I would find a new place out of principle. A gym that doesn't allow chalk is a gym that isn't getting a monthly payment from me.

Next thing you know, they'll be banning sweating and heavy breathing too.


I wish there was some decent places to lift around me


Where do you live? There's a PL-friendly gym in Columbia, MD that I'm aware of, but your best bet is probably to contact someone at http://www.marylandpowerlifting.com/

There's a serious PL'er who trains at my gym in Baltimore (Downtown Athletic Center).


I live in Westminster...it would probably take me close to an hour to get to the center of Columbia.

Great advise thanks bro.

Pretty Funny- I was a fitness Director and PT for Merritt in Eldersburg.

They let you use Chalk at DAC?



DAC in Mt. Vernon is a good place? I've been in the Merritt on Fort Ave (not a bad) but live within walking distance (maybe 2 blocks) to DAC so it may be worth a switch. The place in Columbia is "The Coliseum"...very good from what I hear and they do a free month to start.


Yikes! I feel pretty lucky now. I train at a Gold's in L.A. and I carry my backpack around with me, I use my chalk almost every time I'm there for deads or Oly lifts, but I wipe off the bar after I'm done and I've tried to make friends with the cleaning crew so they don't complain about me. Hopefully this is not a jinx and get bitched by someone there tonight. I'd do the same as you and tell them to f-off though...


I am in Cali all of the time and actually used the Gold's that I've been to over there as examples in my argument...He said that ALL Gold's have the "No Chalk Rule"...No chalk is an accident waiting to happen...I hate corporate America taking over good places


Rockville Fitness is really legit but that would be a bit of a hike from Westminster as well, unless you happen to work in Montgomery County


Its not the greatest, but better than the other options in Baltimore. Its one of the few Oly-friendly gyms in the area which is one of the only reasons I train there.

Alpha, I'm pretty sure there isn't a 'no chalk' rule because the PL-er I know who trains there uses it frequently and the manager is a former strength athlete as well.


Dfreezy, so you like the DAC more than the Coliseum?


I'm an oly lifter so the DAC is my only real choice around here. I've never been to the Coliseum, only heard its decent place from people who have trained there.


Thanks for the input bro-Anyone know more good places in MD?


I work out at a Gold's Gym in CT and I use Eco chalk and no one has ever said anything to me. It is in one of those little sick type bags and I just roll it on my hands when ready to DL. Of course it is very possible that no one has ever noticed me using it to

This is a good link for powerlifting friendly gyms



Yeah I didn't get talked to for 4 months before today...But thanks so much for the link


Use pine-tar, like baseball players use, and all of a sudden he'll think chalk is not so bad. Just a thought.