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Got Unshredded! Need Help for Vegas


I've read and heard all the warnings: DO NOT PIG out for more than two cheat days while on the GET SHREDDED diet...which i've been on for the past two months, but i couldnt help myself. I couldn't stop after the first day of all those damned C+F slices of goodness....pizza, napoleon cake, proscuitto heros, pasta and meatballs, beer, liquor. THREE whole days of non-stop eating that wouldve made the older marlon brando blush.

Before then, i was getting there...so close, but the aftermath of these past few days of a food orgy is just plain NASTY!!! It looks like i gained a whole inch of blubber all around my body and an INSANE TWO inches (MEASURED)around my waistline. There is no more definition left anywhere...even my ankles and feet are so swollen i currently cant even see the veins there. Seriously....it looks like someone went around my body and spackled a layer of fat on my entire body with extra around my waist....in THREE FUCKING DAYS!!!

Here's the dilemma...i was doing this cause i'm going to vegas on the 15th. This is where all of you summon all your knowledge and experience in order to help a brother out...or maybe I'm resigned to be just fucked, and going to vegas like this in disgrace?

Is there any hope of getting back to where i was by the 15th of May (TEN DAYS) or is this "REAL" fat gain? I know a lot of it is water, but theres definitely fat gain in there as well. What should/can I do to get as close as possible to pre-pig out?

I have resumed the get shredded diet p/f/c (35/60/5)at 1800kcal and I have resumed my usual workouts and SSC for one hour a day(3.5mph at 6 incline on the tread).

should keep as is or can anything else be done to get back in 10 days?? HELP!!!


I would say keep doing what you are doing for the Get Shredded diet and just stay on track. Forget what happened over the 3 last three days. What's done is done.

Just work your ass off workout and diet-wise for the next couple with the built-up guilt and anger I'm sure you are feeling. Also no more shit food. You get what you put in.


Thats the whole thing man...i am fucking angry...ANGRY AS HELL. I HATE that i fucked up a week before Vegas, but I'm more angry because of what happened in these past few days. A measly fuck up of three days knocked me back to what i looked like four weeks ago, and I worked hard as shit for those four weeks. what happens after i come back from vegas? Vegas is just going to be an all out party. Vegas is the last planned cheat, but am i just gonna come back looking even worse?

UGH....its just fucking devastating! I'm gonna continue to work on what was planned....i just hope by the end of it all...i wind up with the results i put into it. i guess im angry cause i know i wont...but what the hell am i gonna do...watch what i eat/drink in VEGAS????


you shouldve had this reasonning before..


Run a short PSMF to drop the water and little fat you might've gained. (PSMF = protein sparing modified fast...trace carbs from veggies, only fat source from fish oils, lean proteins of 1-2g/lb). It's a brutal diet but you can last for a week. You'll drop 5-10 lbs of bodyweight and look much better. Realize your gluttony will be tenfold when you get to Vegas though...


YEA...im in agreement...gonna do just isolate and 25g of fish oils until vegas.
so you think its mostly water i've gained? that'll make me A LOT less devastated.


idk, is it possible to put on 2 inches worth of fat around the waist in 3 days?

my guess is, if you were "starving" yourself, you have less food occupying space in the waist region, glycogen stores, etc

people forget that when they eat something it occupies space and retains a mass inside of them, this is what accounts for small weight fluctuations throughout the day.

if you really did gorge yourself as you say, that would take up space in your organs, and like a dilates vein, take up more space as it enlarges itself to let more volume through.

if you were carb depleted, that accounts for some size. add it together with whatever fat stores you could have restored over three days.

how much is responsible for how much of the 2 inches, we couldn't tell you, but it's definitely not all fat.


Unless you were downing close to 4 times your maintenance for those 3 days I doubt you gained two inches around your waistline, I mean that is eating around 12,000 calories for three days straight. You gained a ton of water weight that would have not been on your body before, and if you flush it out by drinking tons of water you should be fine.

Examine the problem, assess the situation, and take action. Stop bitching on the internet like we are going to give you some magical cure.


ok...i've let it mostly sink in. what's done is done and i accept that i'm an idiot. I'm gonna do whatever I can to mitigate the damage. The game plan is a PSMF diet for the next nine days keeping my workouts the same and adding another hour of fasted SSC in the mornings.

Then right back to this after I totally destroy myself AGAIN in VEGAS. Why the insanity...the game plan all along was to do this for 90 days, and those 90 days are over on May 30th. The Get Shredded Diet DOES work, but as these past three days have showed me is that prolonging the 2nd week cheat for more than a day is a disaster. I wish I could control myself in VEGAS, but why?

The whole point for me dedicating myself to the Get Shredded Diet, for now is so that I can look good at the important moments...vegas being one of them. Sometimes, I want to go out and be able to drink at the club and go out and eat on a date...LIVE WHILE LOOKING GOOD.

I know in order to do that, that in the long run I have to progressively transition back onto carbs by going on six more weeks of the GET Unshredded Diet.

Its just so utterly frustrating thinking/seeing that I'm on my way during this phase, then being drop kicked back to four weeks of regression by fucking up once.

Tell me that by June 1st I'll be right back to where I was....looking like I'm on my way...tell me that after Vegas, that if I do everything as planned, that the 90 days will have been successful, and that the results will be good. Can you tell me I'm just bugging out and that I need a slap on the face?

WHY is this endeavor of building a better body while living so COMPLETELY elusive to me?



so...my diet has been well below maintenace at 35%/60%/5% P/F/C. coupled with the virtual no carbs and slow metabolism from under-eating....here is what i ate in the past three days:

the first day was a planned cheat...so anything goes. easily 5k cal.

started the following two days thinking i was done with the cheat and had about 900 kcal 70g/60g/12g P/F/C until I decided to go out with my coworkers and forgo my workouts.

day 2: seafood paella (1 whole large...usually served for two), some chicken ajillo, then two whole heroes. one proscuitto, mozzarella, l+t, mustard. one genoa, monterey, l+t, mustard, three bud lights, three shots of soju, and four makers marks on the rocks.

day 3: 10 pieces of fried chicken, two beef tacos, side of fries, spicy guacomole sauce, slice of pizza, three pieces of mini reeses pb cub, five turkey meatballs and angel hair pasta with marinara, three shots of soju, two sapporo, three bud lights, two glasses or syrah.

you tell me.

youre right though. damage is done...whatever the gain...permanant or not...ive assessed the situation, and looking for help on those with experience on how best to take action to look my best in TEN days.


Uncommon methods for uncommon results. If you want to look like your buddies who don't watch what they eat, then do as they do in Vegas. Hell, I'm sure the strippers there watch what they eat and drink better than a lot of people... unless their on crack or meth. Then that's cheating.

On the flip side, do you really plan on scoring that much ass with your incredible physique? ROI my friend (return of investment). If I was going to stress out then I would make damn sure that it's warranted. If you are worrying while KNOWING you are going to screw up... well, then you might as well enjoy it.

Just my 2 cents

EDIT: Saw the responses and you know what to do. Good luck.


Impressive, you eat like that before the diet?

Anyway, the ankles are a good sign that you're retaining water like crazy. Go back on the diet, lose a pound or two of fat and more water, and have fun in Vegas.

But maybe only eat one meal a day in Vegas if they're going to be 'cheats' like that.


Roman seemed to bounce back fine, but like I said my estimates are above your maintenance. I have no idea what your maintenance is so when you list 5,000 calories and that list of foods I have no idea what your starting point is. Typically on a cheat day your metabolism skyrockets from the surplus and stays there for a little while, so while you say your metabolism has diminished due to the diet, I wouldn't be surprised if it jumped back up to 3k plus a day during your binge. With that you gained at most 2 pounds total, the rest is water weight.

My vacation plans usually revolve around a huge breakfast, maybe a protein bar like 4 hours later, and then a big dinner. I'm usually busy enjoying my vacation to have the entire trip revolve around food. I eat whatever the hell I want and still come back the same weight, I chalk it up to meal frequency and the fact that I legitimately can't get too much food in with only three meals. This probably falls into some sort of fasting protocol, I just consider it vacation eating.


You'll probably do enough coke in Vegas to burn off the extra cal.


sounds like a plan for the next EIGHT and a half days (flight leaves 5/15)...

PSMF consisting of just isolate (175g protein), one serving of Greens+ (4g CHO), and 2tb of carlsons fish oil (25g fat)

four days a week

every day 1.5-2 hours steady state on tread (3.5 speed on 6 incline)

thoughts? critiques? tweaks?


More protein in that plan 250 minimum i'd say. That leaves you at 1000 cals + 16 for the greens + 225 for the fish oil. So 1240 ish all in.


Just a quick update:

have lost most of that damned bloat/gain after four days of a PSMF. Didnt quite stick with the plan above because

added daily about 3-4TB of almond butter to the original plan

added a half hour in the morning instead of the targeted 1 hour.

As of today, I decided to go back to the Get Shredded Diet with 250 less kcal than I had been consuming a week prior to last week's debacle.

This is hopefully a lesson well-learned and it'll give me some fortitude and discipline when transitioning back onto carbs. We'll see.

I COMPLETELY hear ya. I got everything down...especially the appearance part. Game is decent, but nothing a few "how you doing's" cant handle.

But the whole objective was to get in the best shape possible in 12 weeks (May 30) and to treat that day as my "show". But with my buddy having his bachelor party, going to VEGAS is the cherry on top...the only thing is that it's in the 10th week...so, I want to look my best mostly for myself...to see how well I could master myself.


With all this hype and work you better post a picture of whatever your tap when your down there.


^^ Seriously. Do you have any before/after pics from your little diet?



As a Get Shredded veteran, my guess is you weren't as lean as you thought you were prior to the binge. While most of your gain is certainly water retention - notorious when your in ketosis - you should be mindful that if you get to Vegas and say 'job done' your likely to end up with that bloat back again after a couple of days! Good luck though, I loved the diet.