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Got Tren and Test P, But No Dbol

Hey guys i need some info

bonezz you especially

i got my tren, 4 of them, and also test p, but the d bol didnt make it in the delivery. should i run it without the d bol?

They probably split the shipment.

Give it a few days.

i answered your pm

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ok. thanks guys.

i was originally recommended

Wk1-8 Test Prp 350mg (50mg/d)
Wk1-6 Tren Ace 250mg (35m/d)

so im trying to figure out an injection chart. can you guys help at all

its going to be an 8 week cycle

do i taper on AND off, or jsut taper off and start my PCT. also do i do once per week, or every 3 days as i did last time.

dont taper off the tren, just drop it after the 6th week. You can taper off the test P if you want. If Youre talking about injecting, you inject ED or EOD at least for the taper. I would do ED and just use slin pins

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ok so the issue is i have 40ml or tren and only 20 ml or test. it sucks but i quess it will ahve to do.

high dose tren and relatively low dose of test fora short burst cycle?

If you only have 20ml of test prop @ 100mg/ml, that is only enough for 40 daily injections at your planned 50mg/d.

40 days = 5 weeks and 5 days.

How would you have enough for 8 weeks = 56 days = 28ml

thats the problem, i have 40ml of tren, and 20 ml of test

[quote]T-Beast wrote:
thats the problem, i have 40ml of tren, and 20 ml of test [/quote]

Lol maybe you could switch the labels? so you could have 40ml test and 20ml tren?


just wait and buy more test…
The most you could get out of it is about 4wks at 75mg/ED test which IMO isnt worth it. Id wait and go either 75mg/day for 6 weeks or 100mg/day for 6 weeks. Dont do a half assed cycle just because you are impatient.

If money is an issue, maybe you would have been better to go with 500mg/w test enanthate frontloaded.

8 weeks of test e @ 250mg/ml needs only 17.4ml total (including bigger first dose frontload). That leaves enough to spare from 2 vials to accomodate waste, etc.

Frontload would be 600 mg = 2.4ml (first inject only with all subsequent bi-weekly injections @ 250mg or 1 ml each.

8 weeks of prop @ 500mg/w needs 5 ml per week or 40ml. Account for waste and you need 5 x 10ml vials @ 100mg/ml…

money IS an issue, and unfortunately this is all i have to workwith. could i run a heavy first 4 weeks of tren all by itself (worked great last time) and then start low dose tren and high dose test (by that i mean 2test/1tren ratio)

guys please keep this attitude free, i really need help here. and thats why i came here to ask you guys

thanks for the input so far tho

So you want to make a cake, but you dont have any eggs so you think adding more milk will help? That sounds like a shitty cake

I agree with EG just wait dont be impatient

With all respect, are there any factors that make it imperative to do the cycle before having enough gear to do it properly other than the sheer temptation of having some of the needed gear on hand?

If not, put on the brakes and wait till you can get everything necessary including AI & PCT and maybe even a prolactin ancillary like caber for the tren.

This guy is pretty much a lost cause at this point. Several PMs back and forth have led me to the conclusion that the OP is unwilling to put in the effort to firmly grasp the concepts of well put together cycle. This is one of those “only hears what wants to be heard” type of situations.

ok guys. I am ordering more test as we speak. I appologize for the frustration. I was just very confused. Ill order more test p and will talk to you then. I already have my PCT, and everything else.

When responding to these, sometimes you need to slow down and realize that some people do not know as much as you guys do, you are veterans or constant users but i am not.

I know a shit ton about training, just not enough about juice, wish i did, so thats why i have questions. I hope to make it off of the bonez’s shit list.