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Got to Hit Dem 2014 Goals

Figured this place to keep track of progress for my 2014 goals, though its have over. Also good to put out there to hear other opinions, advise and critics.


Age: 26
Training seriously: 2 years (powerlifting)
Height: 5 10
Weight: 230
Currently doing 5/3/1 Powerlifting
DL: 435
Bench: 285
Squat: 350

Goals for end of 2014, planning to do my first me in September.

DL: 400
Bench: 315

whats your deadlift goal? other than that your goals look solid man.

[quote]budreiser wrote:
whats your deadlift goal? other than that your goals look solid man. [/quote]

Oops sorry, my DL goal is 505.

Taking today off, maybe some sand bag carries with my homemade ghetto sandbag backpack. Tomorrow I will be pulling, so definately light work if any.

DL 275x 3 reps 310x 3 reps 350x3 to failure
Squats 5x10 225
Double over hand BB Row 3x10

Diet update-

I have been adding more fat and cutting carbs out, right now I only take in about 100g CHO per day, mostly at Peri workout. Fatty cuts of beef, pork, eggs, nuts and limited dairy. I do consume quite a bit of coconut oil, at least 2 tablespoons a day. I am messing with my overall cals so I am losing 1 lb per week.

When I start to stall, first I will cut out dairy completely, after that, up the cardio per week. Cutting calories would be second to last problem shoot, right before fat burners, but I don’t suspect that will be until Sept.

Woke up this morning at 235.

175x 3 reps 200x 3 reps 225x3 to failure/ Slingshot after w/ heavy singes
DB Incline 2x25
DB rows 4x10
Snatch grip high pulls 4x3

Weight 231.8 this morning, lightest I have been awhile. After pulling my 5/3/1 prescribed sets yesterday, I went 385 4x2, not sure why, just felt good.

I was on the the interwebz last night and became pretty intrigued by Rogue Fitness voodoo wraps, being a gear guy, I might dabble.

Yesterday was my second workout at Iron Mill in Camp Hill, PA. Leaps and bounds better than LA Fagness, glad I found a better gym in my area.