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Got to Have a Multivitamin! Whats Your Choice?


Again I'm seeking what others are doing to better my nutrition knowledge. But hey, it helps everybody right?

I'm searching for a great multivitamin and I just purchased the brand Animal Pak. It has the right amounts of everything I'll need, except I had to get a vitamin b complex for my vitamin b requirments.

These are HUGE pills! They're horse pills. Their are alot in a packet too (which need to be taken twice on training days).

I don't have a problem taking large pills, but when their are so many, it requires alot of water.

Compaired to other brands that I looked at, I would need to spend twice the amount of money to equal the nutrition amounts of Animal Pak.

Let's see what multivitamin you're using. Does it compare in nutrition and price?


Superfood. :slight_smile:


You don't need to take 2 packs on training days unless you are preparing for a show/competition.


multis are crap. Type the word bioavailability and whatever specific vit. you are looking for. You will find its highest and lowest available form. Look at what your taking. Vits are something you tend to get what you pay for.

The cheap ones are crap and your body wont digest the nutrients. If you have a big budget buy superfood, ZMA and maybe some B complex if you want. Avoid ascorbic acid for and C source if your looking for one of those.


I might add some vit d too.


i take animal pak and yes some of the pills are rather large however you get used too it eventually. They are great and I can feel a difference albeit slight when I don't take them.


Animal Pak is one of the most poorly designed "packs" out there.

And here is some reasons why:

Magnesium(as Oxide) 133mg 33%
(Oxide cannot be processed by your body)

Zinc(as Oxide) 30mg 200%
(Same reason)

Now if they cant make 2 of of the 4 major minerals you need properly, it does not say alot about the rest of the products bioavailability


i bought some on vitacost.com

some sort of men's engergy complex....and i take 2 a day; in addition to vit d and a greens powder.

some might think it's overkill...but it's been working great for me.

everyone is different.


I've gone threw a few canisters of animal paks and all those pills are a hassle. Since then I tried "Orange triad" multi vit and like them much better. 3pills 2x a day and they have a "joint complex" and "digestive/immune complex" in them.

cost around 30 bucks for a 45 day supply.




I dont even use a multi since i started on Superfood. I think its better than any multi out there.


I haven't been using a Multi over the last few months, although I used to take them religiously.

Now Foods Adam was my vitamin of choice. They make great products and are very cost effective IMO. Much more bang for your buck than Animal Pack which, as others have mentioned, are crap.


But . . .but . . . Animal Pac has pictures of big guys, so they must use it, right? I mean, you need big pills to get big, right?

I'd never fall for advertising!!!


Garden of Life and Greens+ Wild Berry flavor are my usual that I have been rotating through. I also take ZMA.


Just make a shake every morning:

broccoli sprouts
acai puree
half a banana
chia seeds
1 omega 3 egg

Bad ass and better than any multi out there or powder.


I rotate between Poliquin Uber Nutrients and Multi-Intense (iron free). Superfood is a great product but with any anti-oxidant it is good to rotate them or them can actually become a pro-oxidant.


It seems that whenever I supplement with a multi-vitamin my urine changes to a funny colour and smells weird. So I assume I'm pissing away my money.


if it's bright yellow it's b-vitamins being flushed out


I love USANA essentials multi Vit & multi Mineral


I use LEF Two-per-day plus their Super Booster.

There are nice touches to this combination such as the gamma-tocopherol content and the Vitamin K2 content, and the omission of copper, and there seems to me to be no screwups with the formulations.

Calcium is not included, nor magnesium in substantial amount, but that is fine as they should be individually addressed anyway according to the rest of the diet. For example, if consuming a lot of protein powder there is no reason to supplement calcium at all.