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Got To Eat To Grow...

Ok so whats the best macronutrient ratio while on? Being that AAS provide better nutrient partitioning, increased glycogen storage, etc. wouldn’t it be better to eat an old school higher carb, high protien, low fat diet? What do you guys like to do for cutting vs. muscle growth?

In my experience, when I first started using AAS I was large, but not way over my natural limit. I ate everything in sight, mixed carbs, fats, protein at each meal. I ate pretty much as much as I could and i think I leaned out as I gained almost thirty pounds.

Since I’m much larger now, and much farther over my natural limit, it seems that it’s harder to gain lean weight. I find that nutrient partitioning, but with less emphasis on fat, helps in this situation. I typicall munch on carbs and protein all day, then in the evening my last two meals are protein and fat.

Think of it like taking a newbie lifter and having them start training hard. They can eat pretty much anything and they’ll make progress becuase they’re so new to the game. Using AAS pretty much starts that process over.