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Got_tickets 5/3/1 Log


Ok boys and girls after hurting my lumar region again from being a cocky bastard on squats (squatting way to deep for my level of flexability) I've taken the plunge and begun 5/3/1 with Assistance Work #4: Periodization Bible by Dave Tate.
So here's a little bit about me and my traing history
location: North Yorkshire, England
Years training: just under 3
Year training not training like a complete tool beliving what every 'jacked' guy or arm chair quarterback has told be: about a year
Height: a touch under 6' 1
Weight: 182lbs at around 12-13 %bf

lifts: push press 187lbs/85kg
Bench 264lbs/ 120kg
Squat 341lbs/ 155kg ( way to deep )
Deadlift 407lbs/ 185kg ( again got cocky strapped up and really hurt L4 )

Max's for 5/3/1: PP 187lbs/85kg Training max's: PP 168lbs/76.5kg
B 253lbs/115kg B 228lbs/103.5kg
S 319lbs/145kg S 287lbs/130.5kg
D 374lbs/170kg D 337lbs/153 kg


So did day 1 today
push press
110 lbs/50kg x 5
126.5 lbs/57.5kg x 5
143 lbs/65kg x 9

arnold press
(x3) 35 lbs/16kg x12
(x2) 31 lbs/ 14kg x12

Kroc rows
(x3) 84 lbs/ 38kg x12
(x2) 75 lbs/ 34kg x12

Skull crushers
(x5) 47.5lbs/ 21.5kg x 15-20

Great first day I’ve not done high volume in a while. Usually wouldn’t do skullcrushers but I worked out at home today as it was hot as hell and my gym has no aircon or fans.