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Got Stubborn Shoulders? Try This!


Hey guys,

this is my first post here. I've been training for about 4 years, and 2 of those years very intensely in terms of dieting and training intensity. I've always had good growth with my legs, back, chest and arms, but my SHOULDERS have always been a weak point.

My shoulders have only been sore from training probably less than 10 times in my whole training life. BTN presses work wonders for me until i dislocated my shoulders doing them.

The other day i messed around with a routine (with medial deltoid emphasis) and I came up with this. After i did this my shoulders were sore or 4 days! I'm loving it and i can see a definitive improvement in size of my medial deltoids.

I train shoulders and calves on their own day, i did this:

1: B/O rear cable reverse flyes (with 3 second holds and 3 second eccentrics) (12, 10, 8) dropsetted on the last set with the reverse flyes on the machines for 20 reps, then 15 reps

2: One arm laterals with 3 second holds at top and 3 second eccentrics (arms fully extended- no elbow bend), (12, 10, 10, 8)
THEN 2 sets of partner assisted Negatives on the laterals machine (2x5 6 second negatives) - i got my training partner to press down on the pads to do the negative - got this off john meadows!

3: DB press (3x5)

5: Standing military press 3x(21's) lower (to nose), upper(nose to top) then full rom. Rest pause if needed to get reps

So after like 6 months of shoulders that never got sore-these did the trick! I think i just needed to step up the intensity. At the end of this session my shoulders were soooooooooo sore and i had one crazy ass pump too :slightly_smiling:

I hope this helps anyone with stubborn shoulders

also i did:

DB Shrugs 4x12-6 with 3 second holds at top

calves: seated calves (3x21's)
calf raises on hack squat (3x8)

supplements: xtend, scivation whey, green magnitude creatine

If anyone has their shoulder shocker workouts please share!



i am unimpressed with your shoulder development to have the desire to try this


OP looks like Verne Troyer..

Sorry, couldn't resist..




yeah its shit, but its helped!


lol from far maybe but i ain't white man! and i'm 5foot 8


Um so how does that help????


this is too fucking complicated. I saw 5 second contraction/5 second negative. Unless you have shoulders the size of ruhl or wolfe, I don't think you should be giving out advice.

Enough big shoulders have been built with lateral raises, over pressing and rear delt movements. No needs to overcomplicate it.

why do people enjoy overcomplicating such an easy thing?


Just hit 5x5. The pressing + progressive overload makes sure you gain. OHP is all you need for big shoulders.






<--------Bets poster's shoulders are freaking AWESOME!!


Wrong. All the chest work and back work hit the delts enough. My God, you'll overtrain by adding OHP!



I can't agree with saying all you need is OHP for great delts. But,I will say that shoulder pressing needs to get the same love as deads and squats.

Heavy ass presses off pins is what started my shoulders growth.

I've never seen anyone or heard anyone with a shoulder pressing goal.

At least not on the priority of the other big lifys....shit,people would rather focus on bb rows than ohp haha



OHP - Smith Machine:
After 4th set immediately increase 30%, half reps to failure. Immediately strip 50%, rep to failure, follow with 2 more drop sets to failure. No rest between 4th set and drop sets.

Side DB Lateral:
Standing 3x12
After 3rd set immediately overload with stupid weight, 1x12. Keep your form tight and lift them as high as you can. You may only get the first 1/4 of the movement. 30sec break then follow with 3 seated 12rep drop sets. No rest between drop sets.

Seated DB OHP:
Moderate weight, palms facing ears, 3 second negative.

Rear Delt Cable X-Over:
4x12 followed with 3 12rep drop sets. No rest between 4th set and drop sets.

Super-set x3:
High cable row x12
Heavy BB shrug x10
DB shrug x12, 2sec hold at top

Needs to be completed in no more than 45 minutes.


talking about shoulder shockers , here you go http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/shoulder_shocker


I have yet to encounter someone who claimed that they dislocated their shoulder while lifting who had actually done so. I don't think most people understand what that actually means.


My roommate did actually dislocate his shoulder in the gym; he was doing sit ups with dbs overhead.

I can attest to the actual dislocation since I've dislocated my shoulder 6 times now and know what it looks like.


That all being said, it's definitely tough to train the shoulders effectively with an injury like that. I'm still learning what works and what doesn't, and it changes from week to week.